KFC Sunscreen Is A Thing Right Now

Could this KFC sunscreen be one of the most ridiculous (and delicious) attempts at advertising you’ve ever seen? Shut up and take my money.

Aug 26, 2016

With fall approaching fast, there are a limited number of days left for soaking up some rays on the beach. With a recent ad for a new product from KFC, these guys don’t want to just protect you from the sun, they want you to smell like the colonel’s secret recipe! The craziest part about this story is that fact that they gave away over 3000 bottles of the SPF 30 KFC sunscreen in the first 2 hours of online sales. Talk about a hot product.

Effective advertising?

The marketing gimmick has received enough coverage to probably boost the sales of KFC’s famous chicken. Because once you smell like some of the most legendary chicken on earth, the chances that you buy some after the beach will definitely be increased.

The ad features George Hamilton with his amazing suntan and bravado. KFC spokesperson Kasey Mathes says,

We think it smells amazing.

And so far, the customer feedback has been mostly positive. Attempting to increase sales through a giveaway like this is admirable. And hopefully, many more people will be “living the extra crispy lifestyle.”

Check out the ad below and make sure to let us know if you are a fan of KFC’s famous recipe chicken and their fresh new take on advertising.

Would you ever wear a sunscreen that makes you smell like season chicken skin? Or is this just a crazy attempt to increase sales of a product that been under so much scrutiny over the past couple of decades? Join the discussion on social media or in the comments below!

Aug 26, 2016