16 Confessions Of Being Hit By Epic Munchies


Have you had munchies hit you at the worst time? You aren’t alone. Read these confessions of suffering and laugh, or cry.

The Munchies. Every smoker has had them at some point, and the craving is real. You feel like a werewolf on a full moon as the insatiable appetite hits you. Sometimes you have the perfect plan in place, sometimes it hits you by surprise. But being a herb lover comes with its own set of challenges, and dealing with the munchies is one of them. 

Munchies have no mercy

From the carnal pleasures of cookie dough to the pains of an empty cupboard, we find satisfaction where we can. Whether it means a late night run to the drive-thru or a hodgepodge of ingredients, we make do. Despite the suffering, some choose to share their pain. Take solace knowing you are not alone.

Whisper, the anonymous social confession app, lets you speak your mind without showing your identity. Weed lovers everywhere tell stories of facing the food demons we know all too well. As a result, we found some of those confessions, which you can laugh or cry along with. Depending on whether you have been there yourself, or felt like it.

Have you ever been hit with munchies at the worst possible moment? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.