Shocking Video Shows Toddler Smoking A Joint (Warning: You Will Get Mad)

Watch in horror as one idiot takes everything we have worked so hard for and turns it into a viral joke.

Jun 18, 2016

Every day, cannabis activists try to put the positive perspective on pot. But there are always one or two idiots that can make an entire group look bad. Westboro church did it for Christians. Terrorists did it for Islam. There will always be that one corrupt politician, that one bad cop and that one horrible parent who smokes pot. If you have seen this, you know the damage these stupid-ass people have done for the entire cause.

Contributing to baby bad habits

It is one level of irresponsibility to give teenagers alcohol, or buy cigarettes for your underage friend. At least teens should know better. But in an online video posted by an as yet unnamed tool, an adult gives a toddler a blunt and encourages him to smoke it. A toddler!

I can even go so far as to play devil’s advocate and say that maybe, maybe the child is a cannabis patient and needed his medicine, but there is no way a parent who cared enough to seek treatment for their child would film this, let alone laugh about it. Besides that, we do not treat children with smoked cannabis! There are

Besides that, we do not treat children with smoked cannabis! There are oils, or even edibles, that are the only methods allowed for children, let alone this young. I wonder if the child even belonged to this person, or were they watching the kid for someone else?

Baby see, baby do

Small children look up to us as idols. They mimic everything they see us do. They try to wear our oversized shoes. They repeat everything we say, whether we wanted them to learn that word or not. But actually encouraging, let alone filming and sharing a child doing something like drinking alcohol or smoking, is absolutely atrocious.

I know there are some parents out there who have used a bad experience to discourage a child from a bad action. Having a child take a sip of beer to see how nasty it is, or that first puff of a cigarette to make them choke their lungs out and swear them off forever. That works on young adults, but not on babies.

Police searching for suspect

This sad excuse for a parent or caregiver is being actively hunted down. The video was discovered on Facebook by a Chicago community activist named Andrew Holmes, who promptly turned it over to police.

Sad to say, but this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In 2013 a video of a 22-month-old old in Centralia being helped to hit a bong led to him being removed from his mother’s care. Last year, another uproar happened when Vine user Chief Smokes uploaded a video of a child smoking what appeared to be weed as well.

Do idiots like this make it harder to be an outspoken cannabis activist? Share your outrage on social media or in the comments below.

Jun 18, 2016