EXCLUSIVE: Watch Swami Roll A Massive “Swami Special” Joint For HERB


Legendary cultivator Swami shows us how to roll a “Swami Special” joint with an eighth of cannabis. He also shares a few of his favorite joint hacks. It’s awesome.

Sep 26, 2016

Have you ever smoked a joint that contained a whole eighth of an ounce of cannabis? Well, in a HERB exclusive, Swami shows us how. Swami is the cannabis guru behind Mendocino County’s Swami Select. He and his partner Nikki grow some of the best sun-grown, organic cannabis around. Check out the video below to see Swami roll a massive “Swami Special” for HERB. 

How to roll a massive “Swami Special”

Just how much cannabis can you fit into a single joint, anyway? Swami shows us how he fits up to 3.5 grams in a single paper. That’s nearly an entire eighth!

He uses Elements rice rolling papers, which are unbleached and feature a glue made from sugar. This sugar turns into caramel as it burns and leaves behind no ash. They’re also made with wind power, which is pretty darn cool.

He has plenty of additional quality tips as well. Here’s his advice on how to make your joints as massive as possible:

The whole point is to have the least amount of overlap, so that the glue part just barely overlaps the non-glue part. Which means that you get the highest ratio of cannabis to paper.

Another Swami pro-tip? Always take a dry hit before you light up. You’ll get a better sense of the strain’s unique flavor and aroma. When it comes to lighting the giant joint, Swami prefers hemp wick to direct fire. In a demonstration, he explains:

This is that famous hemp wick. It’s hemp lined with beeswax on it. It’s actually a better way, especially if you’re lighting a pipe or a bong, something like that. Where you have to keep lighting it. And it keeps away the butane.

Watch the video

Want to see how it’s done? Check out what Swami says for yourself in the video below.

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Sep 26, 2016