Why a bunch of Kim Kardashian clones are strutting around L.A.

Just what we needed.

Feb 3, 2018

We have all learned not to ask questions when Kim Kardashian shows up anywhere naked. But this week, eyebrows were raised when a swarm of Kim K clones descended on Los Angeles modeling rapper Kanye West’s latest clothing collection #YeezySeason6

Last September, designers and fans were stunned when West announced that he would not be showcasing his collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Instead, Kim K took to the streets of LA to model all of West’s collection, styled by the famed Carine Roitfeld. Kanye’s muse revealed the line, a collection of figure fitting nude-colored spandex and sweats, in paparazzi-inspired photography. (If you want style on the cheap, the looks can be easily replicated at Forever 21.) However, some of the more rare pieces of the collection include sheer nylons and furs alongside oversized hoodies and jackets.

Photos pictured Kardashian strolling down the street, getting out of an expensive car, walking nude, and, most iconically, eating ice cream. In each photograph, she can be seen wearing a blonde wig with brown roots. All of these images sprouted up on social media yesterday under the hashtag #YeezySeason6. The models selected, like Kardashian, were recognizable Instagram influencers, including Paris Hilton, pioneering how we look at clothing from big designers.

Other pieces pay homage to the grandpa sneakers that are back en vogue. “Yeezy Season 6” made sure to fashion a pair of clunky white orthopedic inspired shoes with some of the sleeker aesthetics modeled by Kardashian. The fashionably ugly sneaker named the “Yeezy 500 Desert Rat” has already sold out.

Many are often confused by Kanye and the Kardashians but this strategy will allow consumers to buy the things they like as simply as double tapping on an image they find appealing.


Feb 3, 2018