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News | 07.30.2022

Adam Devine Is A 50s Dad, But Instead Of Whisky He Smokes Weed

Actor Adam Devine expressed his relationship with cannabis in a weirdly relatable way.

Knowing your friends can relate to your positive experiences with weed is one thing. But relating to a celebrity with the exact same outlook brings a sense of normalcy, validating that there are probably millions who feel the same way.

If you’re reading this, chances are you appreciate your weed. Speaking from personal experience, I’m not the biggest fan of alcohol, its effects, and how I feel the day after.

In a recent interview, it turned out actor Adam Devine feels the exact same way. But, of course, he said it in a much funnier way.

He's A 50s Dad Who Smokes Weed

When talking about old television shows, Devine said, “the dad would come home, and he’d take off his shoes and pour himself a glass of scotch and then sit and watch TV.”

Devine says that’s his “relationship to weed now, I’m basically a 50’s dad, but instead of taking my shoes off and watching ‘Leave It to Beaver,’ I take my shoes off and smoke a joint. That’s my comedown at the end of the night.”

For most of us, weed is also our comedown. It’s a plant that many of us loved from the first time we smoked it, including Devine.

“I’ve liked weed from the second I smoked it under a freeway underpass, when I found weed for the first time,” he explained. Even though it was “ditch weed” from the Midwest, it introduced him to psychoactive and uplifting ways of cannabis.

Adam Devine & Cann

It wasn’t until he moved to California that he started to gain a different perspective on this precious plant. Adam told the magazine how cracking open a cold one or a nice scotch watching the Super Bowl is still something he admires, but he’s reaching that age where the hangovers are wicked.

For that reason, he started drinking cannabis beverages but didn’t like how most of them tasted like weed. That’s when he came across Cann, the leading weed beverage brand in North America that makes sweetly delicious and refreshing dosed beverages.

In his own words, “Cann didn’t reach out to me to be an investor; I actually tracked him down and reached out to them.”

This is the same tale for many celebrities who’ve invested with Cann, like Gwenyth Paltrow, Darren Criss, and his Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson.

Adam says Cann’s flavors and ingredients are unmatched, and it’s the kind of drink that, “when you look back 10, 40, 50 years, I think this is going to be the type of company that resembles Coca-Cola.”

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