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Behind The Brand: BOXHOT Is Far From Your Average Weed Brand

Don't just sesh; hotbox your space with the fine goods at BOXHOT.

Corporate cannabis giants got you down? For an industry as tightly-knit and empowering as cannabis, it’s only fitting that we use our dollars with intention.

By that, I mean putting your money into brands and products that reflect your needs, wants, and lifestyles. Many of us fall into the ease of purchasing products from big corporate brands.

But do these companies truly have your best interest in mind? Can you relate to what their brand stands for and believes in?

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to BOXHOT, a small and dedicated brand that’s deeply passionate about the products it brings to the market. Here, you’ll have no problem relating to the brand’s innovative minds while finding the perfect product for your preferred experience.

Behind The Brand

Photo courtesy of BOXHOT

BOXHOT sells good shit. Not only is the brand serious about bringing the best quality cannabis goods to the market, but it aims to give you a chuckle in the process.

“Each product that we create is made for you. But actually really for us,” reads its website.

BOXHOT is based in a small town in Southwestern Ontario, brought to life by people who love cannabis and BOXHOT’s cannabis products. It’s that simple. The brand doesn’t cut corners or beat around the bushes when it comes to its products.

At BOXHOT, expect strain-specific botanical profiles that are:

  • Complex
  • Dank
  • Skunky
  • Herbal
  • Sweet

BOXHOT takes pride in being the small company it is, partnering with only the best producers while constantly innovating new products, ideas, and ways to shower the consumer with the ultimate cannabis experience.

It Wouldn't Be BOXHOT Without Motif Labs

Photo courtesy of BOXHOT

Although BOXHOT prides itself on sharing high-quality cannabis with fellow stoners, we have BOXHOT’s production partner to thank for that.

Motif Labs is a licensed producer of cannabis 2.0 products throughout Canada. BOXHOT’s extract products were made with strain-specific botanical profiles that replicate the flavor of live flower, thanks to Motif’s unique extraction method.

Motif’s CO2 and solventless terpene extraction technology turn raw cannabis and hemp into pure, potent, and bulk THC, CBD, and terpene extracts. These various extracts are then formulated for different BOXHOT products, including:

  • Vaporizers
  • Blended oils
  • Topicals
  • Edibles

That explains why BOXHOT features some of the purest cannabis distillates on the market. The CO2 extraction method with double filtration and double distillation results in a gift from the canna heavens above.

BOXHOT is a perfect example of a small cannabis brand selling excellent weed. If you’re passionate about the plant and how it’s grown, BOXHOT will give you peace of mind.

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