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Learn | 02.01.2022

Herb’s Guide To Living The Dosist Lifestyle

Vape your way to wellbeing.

Human beings have long been looking for the best things to do for every occasion.

When we’re tuckered out, we’ll lie down on the couch with a hot tea and grab the TV remote.

When we’re excited, we’ll put on some tunes and dance around the room.

When we’re stressed, we’ll find a quiet corner to meditate and breathe.

When we’re content, we’ll hum a song to ourselves in quiet comfort. 

The need to find the perfect thing to do on every occasion crosses boundaries into the cannabis product world, which is where dosist’s formulas come in handy.

The L.A.-based startup was first founded in 2016, growing fast as they consistently delivered high-quality and lovable products for the crowd of wellness-loving stoners.

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Dosist Formulas For Every Occasion

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Photo courtesy of Dosist

Specifically, we want to talk about using dosist’s vape pen formulas to lead a cannabis lifestyle that is curated for every occasion and emotion.

The targeted formulas hold the active cannabis ingredients that we know and love, delivering specific benefits for each feeling and allowing you to feel in control of the experience and coming into power with your health and happiness through the natural power of marijuana. 

Dosist has really thought about it all: they’ve taken a scientific approach to the creation of the formulas, promise an all-natural experience, and consistently test their products to ensure that they can be trusted by vapers everywhere.

All of their formulas are sourced from family-owned farms in California, while their packaging and creation make sure to be mindful of the environment.

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Dosist Formula Experiences

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Photography by Connor Fyfe for Herb

For now, they offer eight different kinds: bliss for gently energizing, sleep to fight off insomnia, calm to seek out the relaxation, relief for pain and inflammation, arouse to provoke your senses, bliss THC-plus to find euphoria, arouse THC-plus to awaken every sense and relax THC-plus to experience total tranquility. 

How exactly does dosist know what will feel good for every need? Easy peasy, through the magic of picking the right strains and terpenes that carry specific benefits.

Each formula comes with a different THC to CBD ratio, for example, relief is 2:1, bliss is 9:1, calm is 1:6. The controlled doses plus an interesting mix of terpenes make each strain unique and true to its name.

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What Are Terpenes?

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Photo by Iarygin Andrii / Adobe Stock Photo

To understand how the different formulas are so well-suited for specific occasions, we’ve got to get into the science of terpenes.

So what are they?

Terpenes are naturally-occurring, aromatic compounds found in the cannabis plant (and other plants), which enhance the therapeutic benefits that the big green holds.

Think of the sweet smell of lavender or the spicy scent of pepper, that’s all thanks to terpenes. Then again, the linalool in lavender helps relieve stress, while the caryophyllene is great to ease inflammation.

When it comes to cannabis, each strain has its unique mix of terpenes that help personalize the weed experience.

Myrcene is a great sedative, humulene is anti-inflammatory, limonene is anti-cancer, alpha-pinene is helpful in memory loss, and camphene aids in skin issues like psoriasis.

There are thousands of terpenes found in cannabis plants, making it impossible to talk about each one, but the research has long been delivering hopeful results.

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