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Behind The Brand: Mirayo By Santana Wants To Celebrate Your Divine Light

Explore the four categories of consciousness at Mirayo by Santana.

What makes cannabis special to you? Using this plant provides a long list of benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually. It can relieve negative energy and let you focus and acknowledge the light that shines within.

Many use cannabis to experience elevated consciousness. By removing yourself from a negative headspace, you have more room to think clearer, do good, and spread love. That’s what Mirayo by Santana is all about.

Brought to you by Carlos Santana, Mirayo’s cannabis was grown in the sunlight to bring out your inner light. Read on for more information about the brand and how Mirayo’s flower explores the four categories of consciousness.

Behind The Brand

Photo By Mirayo By Santana

Mirayo by Santana was founded by Carlos Santana, the American musician, and guitarist who quickly became a household name in the 60s and 70s with his band Santana. The band’s concerts are nothing short of spiritual, and Carlos would often take a minute between songs to discuss why he’s an advocate for spiritual cannabis use.

Carlos writes on the brand’s site that he’s a self-proclaimed “flame-keeper for the spiritual re-evolution that made a happening like Woodstock possible, the striving for universal love.”

He believes that cannabis is a gateway to divine wisdom, and the plant’s unique therapeutic properties can enhance the following:

  • Meditative and mindful reflection
  • Sensual perception
  • Creative expression

When living with his mother in Autlan, Mexico, and Tijuana, she would make salves and topicals from cannabis as a form of medicine for various aches and pain. “Maybe that’s why I think of cannabis as a medicine more than a drug,” he writes.

Now, he wants to share these blessings with you. Carlos launched Mirayo by Santana as an invitation to celebrate your unique, priceless, and necessary divine light. Learn more about the flower offered at Mirayo by Santana below.

Cannabis For Consciousness

Mirayo offers four strain types that explore the following four categories of consciousness:

Radiance – Sativa: This Sativa blend was designed to help you expand your energy outward and spread love. It helps connect you with divine wisdom while aiding in creative expression. Available in a tin of five 1/2-gram pre-rolls and a 7-gram jar of whole flower.

Symmetry – Hybrid: Feel at peace with yourself and bring harmony inward and outward with this balanced hybrid blend. It was designed for maximum physical and mental harmony while elevating perception. Available in a tin of five 1/2-gram pre-rolls and a 7-gram jar of whole flower.

Centered – Indica: Transcend your physical state and land among still, inner peace with this soothing Indica blend. Available in a tin of five 1/2-gram pre-rolls and a 7-gram jar of whole flower.

Essence – CBD (Coming Soon): Free your body and mind of stress and gain mental and physical clarity, ease, and calm with the comforting CBD blend. It will be available in a tin of five 1/2-gram pre-rolls and a 7-gram jar of whole flower.

For more information about Mirayo by Santana, visit their website at

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