Photo courtesy of YAWN
Geneviève Medow-Jenkins (IG:, founder of Secular Sabbath wearing the Secular Sabbath x YAWN collab crewneck.

Behind The Brand: YAWN, Welcoming You To The World Of Psychedelic Wellness

This women-led psychedelic wellness brand spreads the educational word of psilocybin's benefits.

We’re finally entering a world where consuming psychedelics is becoming less taboo.

Whether for recreational purposes or intentional use, the world of psychedelics is finally merging with modern-day wellness.

While popular substances like psilocybin aren’t legal (yet), countless brands are making it their mission to advocate for legalization and responsible, intentional consumption.

One brand that stands by its mission to normalize psychedelic wellness is YAWN. It strives to end the stigma around psilocybin by educating the world on the substance’s vast benefits and promoting the culture through its elevated retail experience.

Behind The Brand

Photo courtesy of YAWN
Photo from YAWN’s mushroom garden at the @secularsabbath (IG) retreat weekend in Joshua Tree this past May.

YAWN wants us to yawn together. The brand explains how yawning is one of our unconscious primal instincts; it’s one of the first actions a fetus does in its first trimester of growth.

Similarly, animals have this natural instinct as well. But what does yawning have to do with psilocybin?

Anyone who’s experienced a psilocybin “trip” would know that yawning is one of the first indicators that the substance is kicking in.

This makes sense, considering that research has presented how psilocybin increases brain wave activity in parts that promote dreaming, sleeping, and meditation.

But instead of seeing yawning as an indicator that we’re ready to hit the hay, YAWN wants to promote how this instinctual action is an indicator of “expanded consciousness,” which the brand refers to as “waking up.”

Thus, yawning together after taking psilocybin could bring the world to a state of elevated consciousness, waking us up from our long slumber of stigmatizing psychedelics.

YAWN's Mission

Photo courtesy of YAWN
Photo from YAWN’s mushroom garden at the @secularsabbath (IG) retreat weekend in Joshua Tree this past May.

Created and launched by two women on the west coast, YAWN’s mission is to be a high-vibrational psychedelic culture brand and educational platform. 

That mission is a success. YAWN is welcoming the new psychedelic movement with open arms while pushing it forward through educational content and quality retail products. 

With each day, YAWN sets out to tackle the stigma around plant medicine, especially psilocybin. The brand hopes that its content can help individuals from all walks of life achieve mental wellness through the intentional use of psychedelics. 

Three core reasons YAWN strives to destigmatize psychedelic wellness is its proven impact on increasing;

  • Mindfulness
  • Self-reflection
  • Spiritual connections
  • Diversity
  • Well-being
  • Inclusion

Every doctor, spiritual healer, industry leader, or holistic teacher that works with YAWN spreads educational wisdom to inform the world about the powers of plant medicine. 

YAWN not only welcomes you to the psychedelic wellness movement but thanks you for changing the stigma one mushroom at a time. For more information about YAWN, visit its website.

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