Celebrate The Source: Vertical’s 7-Acre Indoor Grow Cultivates Better Cannabis For A Better Tomorrow

Instead of celebrating brands, let's celebrate the source of where your weed was grown. Meet Vertical.

You may love a weed brand, but do you know where your bud was grown? If you’re looking for the highest quality cannabis, it may be time to get familiar with the cultivation facilities growing it.

Instead of looking for which brands sell the best weed, it might be easier to learn about the company behind the scenes. Better yet, cultivation companies give their weed to a long list of brands, meaning you’ll know and trust which brands actually prioritize quality.

We’re happy to introduce you to Vertical, a vertically integrated cannabis company with one of the largest indoor grows in California. Vertical’s many brands are celebrated for the highest quality cannabis and related products, so it’s about time we celebrate the source.

About Vertical

Before we get into who Vertical is, let’s start with what the company aims to do. Vertical is on a mission to influence how people use cannabis in order to cultivate a better mind, body, and world.

For whatever reason you use cannabis, Vertical strives to grow the absolute best product for your specific situation. The company understands the need for convenient, legal, and high-quality cannabis, and they’re happy to answer your prayers.

Vertical is a vertically integrated cannabis company. In fact, it was one of the first and largest legal cannabis operations in California. Vertical’s state-of-the-art indoor grow facility is one of the largest in the state. Located in Southern California, Vertical’s indoor grow facility has a whopping 1,800 grow lights and 7 acres of indoor growing room.

Inside that facility is a passionate and motivated team that’s dedicated to helping California smoke better weed. Read on to learn more about where to find Vertical’s cannabis.

Where To Find Vertical's Cannabis

So, how does one get their hands on some of the finest cannabis in California? Luckily, Vertical works with a long list of notable brands offering the company’s thoughtfully-designed products for all needs. Their portfolio of brands is impressive, which includes the following:

  • Dab Daddy
  • Rose Collective
  • Superbad Inc.
  • Octavius
  • Evergreen Organix
  • Quigley’s

Furthermore, Vertical’s long list of brands offers their premier products in various dispensaries and mobile delivery services throughout California. Visit this page to find a retailer near you.

For more information about Vertical, visit their website at vertcos.com.

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