Cloudious9 Defies Industry Standards With Ingenious Devices & Accessories

Water-filtered dry herb vaporizers, anyone? What about an automatic grinder? Get yours from Cloudious9 today.

When is it time to evolve? Cannabis consumers heavily rely on their pieces, devices, and accessories during each session. These traditional tools have had our backs for years.

That’s why we’re asking, have you ever considered elevating your routine with devices and accessories that reflect the modern nature of today’s cannabis industry? If that’s something of interest, check out Cloudious9.

This brand prides itself on going against the grain, disregarding orthodoxy while introducing new, cutting-edge devices and accessories consumers can celebrate with each session. Read on to learn more about Cloudious9 and their hottest bundle featuring must-try devices and accessories.

Behind The Brand

Ready to hit cloud nine? Meet Cloudious9, a team of passionate designers and engineers eager to trek off the beaten path. Cloudious9 noticed the randomly defined design limits within the cannabis and vaping industry and decided to go against the grain.

Their designers and engineers pay little regard to orthodoxy with their innovative and aesthetically-pleasing designs, like the powerhouse vaporizers Hydrology9 and Hydrology9 NX. Today, Cloudious9 takes pride in bringing three critical aspects of our culture to the masses with each product, including the following:

  • Their vast and unorthodox knowledge of the vaping industry
  • A deep passion for innovation
  • An obsession for focusing on design aesthetics

Cloudious9 is where design and knowledge meet innovation, and their celebrated devices speak for themselves. Below, we’ve included one of the hottest deals at Cloudious9, the NX Ultra9 Bundle. See what’s included in this cutting-edge kit below.

The Cloudious9 Expereince

Perhaps there’s no better way to experience the best of Cloudious9 than with their NX Ultra9 Bundle. This complete set is valued at over $460, but you can get it for a generous $299. That’s $170 of savings on state-of-the-art cannabis devices and accessories that elevate each session with a contemporary, innovative edge. See what’s included in the NX Ultra9 Bundle below.

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Atomic9: This modern dry herb vaporizer is the best way to consume your flower on the go. It’s one of the highest-quality herb vapes on the market, comprising dual-layer heating technology that merges the vapor consistency of convection heating with the overall efficiency of conduction heating. It features 6 different temperature settings, a ceramic heating chamber, a rapid vaporizer cooling mouthpiece, a herb loading shovel, and an easy-to-clean residue chamber.

Hydrology9: Here’s where things get exciting. Your bundle features the renowned, tried, and true Hyrdology9, the first water-filtered, semi-portable, leak-proof dry herb vaporizer on the market. Cloudious9 takes pride in their patented water filtration system, praised for its clean, smooth, and flavorful vapor. This device features 5 different temperature settings, a ceramic heating chamber, a space-grade anodized aluminum body, a borosilicate glass mouthpiece, and an even heat distribution system.

Hydrology9 Leather Case: Your Hydrology9 deserves a quality carrying case. It fits snuggly into the swanky Hyrdology9 Leather Case, adding equal parts protection and aesthetic.

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Tectonic9: The fun doesn’t stop at vapes. The Tectonic9 is one of the hottest grinders on the market. It marries the reliability of traditional grinders with contemporary and unorthodox features. This electronic grinder features automatic dispensing, diamond-shaped grinding teeth for fluffy herb, a built-in vibration motor for automatic grinding, a slidable dispensing gate, and a viewing window with an LED light to check your herb quantity without opening it. What’s better than that?

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