Explore Nature’s Finest Offerings With Nature’s Heritage Cannabis

From live rosin and infused pre-rolls to a Bob Marley-approved strain, here's what to expect from Nature's Heritage.

The word quality is often overused in our industry. Far too many brands cut corners for profit or take the easy way out regarding cultivation, product manufacturing, and packaging.

It’s sad to say that cannabis is gradually becoming more of a business and less of a pastime. Only a few brands are preserving the essence of our community, our cultivators, and Mother Nature. For a truly wholesome cannabis experience, look to Nature’s Heritage Cannabis.

This brand is honoring our sacred planet one strain at a time. Keep reading for more information about the brand and a few of our favorite products.

About Nature's Heritage Cannabis

Nature has blessed us with survival tools, food, and medicine since the dawn of time. When you’re looking for a brand that honors our roots, check out Nature’s Heritage Cannabis.

Nature’s Heritage admires the endless opportunities and places to explore in nature. So does their Hare, Timothy. Whenever shopping from Nature’s Heritage Cannabis, be sure to keep an eye out for Timothy. He’ll be busy exploring every lush scene on your packaging. Sometimes, he’ll be easy to spot, and other times you’ll have to take a closer look.

The brand’s message is clear: “Look into Nature. Honor your Heritage. Trust the Trees.” They take pride in curating an archive of genetics worldwide so you can smoke on the finest that nature has to offer. The cultivators behind the brand deeply care about their plants, just as Mother Nature would, never taking the easy way out or cutting corners.

Here, each unique strain captures the best elements of the cannabis plant to ensure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Check out a few top products from Nature’s Heritage Cannabis below.

Lamb's Bread Flower

This strain will have you preaching one love. Lamb’s Bread, a favorite strain of the late great Bob Marley, is a potent Jamaican landrace strain with pungent aromas of hash and earth alongside a toasty, kushy, and spicy flavor. It’s a vibrant Sativa strain with 20-25% THC, ready to bring out your inner connoisseur.

Distillate Vape Cartridge

Available in 1ml or 0.5ml, this flavorful and potent distillate vape cartridge brings you the best, award-winning flowers and house-derived cannabis terpenes in a vapable oil form. For those who enjoy the convenient and effortless nature of vape cartridges, get yours from Nature’s Heritage Cannabis and experience nature’s finest.

Live Rosin

Prefer something a little more natural? For a true-to-plant experience in a potent concentrate form, look to the Live Rosin concentrates at Nature’s Heritage Cannabis. This 1 gram of premium live rosin is processed through a rosin press that’s cold-cured for 3-4 weeks. Loaded with trichomes and terpenes, this solventless concentrate is perhaps the purest way to experience the effects of cannabis when flower isn’t an option.

Infused Pre-Roll

Whether you’re a flower fan or concentrate connoisseur, you’ll love the powerful and flavorful experience provided by the infused pre-rolls from Nature’s Heritage Cannabis. These rolls are made with 75% cured flower and 25% solventless bubble hash for maximum flavor and potency. Praised for their smooth smoke and slow burn, these 1g infused pre-rolls bring you elevated sessions each time around.

For more products and information about Nature’s Heritage Cannabis, visit their website at naturesheritagecannabis.com.

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