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Premium Handmade Ceramic Bongs And Clay Pipes From Summerland

Summerland builds its pieces from the earth, combining artistry and functionality.

Bong users deserve a piece they can be proud of. Whether they prefer the design, functionality, or sustainable materials, finding a bong you can celebrate shouldn’t be a challenge, especially in today’s legal cannabis industry.

For the best handmade ceramic bongs and clay pipes on the market, look to Summerland. This California brand prides itself on creating handmade pieces from the earth, specializing in terra cotta and glazed ceramic pieces.

Summerland is celebrated for their sustainability and classy designs, helping stoners improve their sessions with superb functionality and appealing aesthetics. See below for more information about the brand’s operations and our rundown on their largest piece to date, the one and only Land Yacht.

About Summerland

What’s better than premium handmade ceramic bongs and clay pipes? Glass is overrated, and with materials sourced from the earth, Summerland is introducing consumers to cannabis use the way mother nature intended.

Summerland‘s “stonerware” is crafted in small batches by hand in Northern California. The brand says each piece was designed by “the ritual of connection with nature,” with each piece built from the earth. Summerland values sustainability, function, and form equally, never settling for anything less.

The brand specializes in terra cotta and glazed ceramic pieces, merging artistry, function, and mid-century designs to elevate your rituals in the cleanest and classiest way possible. With any piece from Summerland, the brand invites us to sit back, relax, and enjoy earth’s natural gifts.

Meet The Land Yacht

Summerland has an array of products to elevate your sessions. These mid-century-inspired pieces were designed to give your sessions a classy look and feel. Although Summerland‘s catalog ranges from bongs and pipes to incense and houseware, we’re focussing on one of the brand’s best-sellers, The Land Yacht.

“When The Land Yacht cruises into town, people take notice,” notes Summerland. The Land Yacht boasts a roomy double chamber, making it the largest bong in Summerland‘s collection to date.

The ample interior space gives your smoke enough room and time to cool down, ensuring only the smoothest smoke time and again. Standing 12.5″ tall and 7″ wide, Summerland only uses the best lead-free, food-safe glaze and ceramic, plus a premium silicone grommet for clean hits and airtight carbs.

Just like every other Summerland ceramic piece, this bong was made by hand with natural materials. Because of this, each bong is uniquely one-of-a-kind and may feature slight visual variations.

The Land Yacht is available in the following colors:

  • Glossy White
  • Charcoal
  • Dust
  • Blue Lake
  • Terra Cotta

Finally, with every bong sold at Summerland, one tree is planted. Help the planet and your sessions with the last bong you’ll ever need.

For more products and information about Summerland, visit their website at

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