News | 05.16.2022

California’s ‘PowerPlant Park’ Pays Minorities To Work There

Besides bi-weekly pay, this multi-licensed cannabis facility gives minorities a generous grant upon hiring.

Arrest rates between Black and white people are unsettling.

In Richmond, California, the arrest ratio between Black and white people is 11 to 1.

The owners of Richmond-based PowerPlant Park noticed this and wanted to toss their hat into the equity ring.

PowerPlant Park is not your average cannabis facility but a beautiful multi-licensed park that’s ready to tackle social inequities. It looks to the industry as a tool for;

  • Capital gain
  • Opportunity
  • Impactful social equity efforts

Because of this, PowerPlant Park is hoping to hire around 100 employees when it opens later this year.

About PowerPlant Park In Richmond, CA

The facility sits on a whopping 18.8 acres of land. Besides bringing revenue to California’s cannabis industry, PowerPlant Park strives to make a long-lasting impact.

Founder and President of PowerPlant Park, Richard Trieber, explains that the facility will do the following;

  • Create several commercial units run by PowerPlant Park
  • Allow other licensed cultivators, manufacturers, and producers to lease its commercial units

The last thing Trieber wanted PowerPlant Park to be was an addition to the many “building jungles” out there. He compares the acres of lush land to other staple parks like Yosemite.

Minority Hiring Grant

One of the greatest things about PowerPlant Park is its effort to redo the wrongs of the past.

Besides starting employees off at $27.50 an hour, the facility finds new ways to invite minority workers.

Trieber says the facility is trying to “reach folks that may be in trouble because of cannabis.”

One of these approaches is giving minority employees support to help courts change their convictions to misdemeanors.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the minority hiring process is the generous grant employees will receive. Mind you; these grants are only for minority employees that are color certified through a professional process from the state of California.

If employees pass the certification process, they’ll receive a grant from Richmond city worth $3600. Plus, this check doesn’t pass through PowerPlant Park executives but goes straight into the employee’s pocket.

If that’s not a kickass incentive to apply, I don’t know what is.

There’s no word on when PowerPlant Park will be up and running. Its website reads that construction was supposed to finish in late April, but there’s likely been a few delays.

For more information about PowerPlant Park, its highlights, and job offerings, visit its website at

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