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Culture | 12.03.2023

10 Songs That Are Lowkey About Weed

These weed-themed songs never get old.

Looking for some stoner anthems for your playlist? 

There’s nothing better than smoking your favorite strain while listening to a song that glorifies high moments. And those blissed-out sensations. 

When you’re ready to spark up, hit play on these songs to complete your sesh.

"Purple Swag" - A$AP Rocky

No one does hazy, distorted, and dreamy pot songs better than A$AP Rocky.

This blazed-out tune is an iconic hip-hop track that’s helped bring seshes to new levels since its release in 2011. Almost a decade later, it’s still essential to your weed playlist.

"Habits (Stay High)" - Tove Lo

Although hip-hop seems to push out the most weed-themed tracks, Tove Lo wanted to hop on board in 2014.

This wavy stoner anthem is the perfect addition to your dazed weed playlist, especially as Tove Lo describes some relatable weed-smoker thoughts and challenges. 

"Sativa (feat. Swae Lee)" - Jhene Aiko

The hot and heavy collaboration between Jhene Aiko and Swae Lee has been bumping through our speakers for years.

It’s the perfect track to play during a lifted Sativa sesh and is sure to enhance your high with Aiko’s heavenly vocals and Lee’s melodic stylings. 

"Dooo It!" - Miley Cyrus

Before making the move from THC to CBD only, Miley Cyrus was smoking joints left and right.

This particular track from Cyrus’ 2015 album ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’ is an unconventional, bass-heavy, and offbeat stoner anthem. Miley chants her lyrics in this track to make clear that she loves pot and peace, but she ain’t no hippy.

"Homegrown" - Neil Young

News flash, Neil Young loves weed, and he has for decades. The legendary Canadian musician released the “Homegrown” album and title track in 2020.

This song takes a groovy look at Young’s passion for growing weed on his farm and the work he’s put in to grow his favorite strains. 

"How High" - Redman & Method Man

“So high that I can kiss the sky.” This is another classic cannabis anthem that you’ve probably bumped at a party or during a solo sesh.

Avid cannabis enthusiasts Redman & Method Man dropped this head-bopping track in 1995, but it’s stood the test of time through relatable weed themes and the public’s love for groovy old-school rap. 

"High By the Beach" - Lana Del Rey

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a dreamy and mystical daze, look no further than Lana Del Rey’s 2015 hit, “High By The Beach.”

While shooting down paparazzi helicopters with a bazooka, Ms. Del Rey seeks privacy in her Malibu beach house and yearns to get high in private.

"Hits From The Bong" - Cypress Hill

Photo courtesy of Cyprus Hill

Do you like hits from the bong? I sure do, but each rip is better with Cypress Hill’s relatable bong-lover anthem, “Hits From The Bong.”

Besides being Los Angeles’s most prized hip-hop group, the Cypress Hill boys are proud cannabis advocates. It makes sense that this chilled and bass-heavy anthem immortalizes the group’s love for bongs. 

"Stoned at the Nail Salon" - Lorde

When stoned at the nail salon, do you enjoy losing yourself in introspective thoughts? So does Lorde.

Instead of romanticizing weed throughout the whole track, Lorde falls into a deep state of reflection when getting her nails done. Are these just stoned thoughts or needed bursts of memories that help romanticize life in general?

You can be the judge of that.

"Because I Got High" - Afroman

Every stoner should be familiar with this weed anthem.

Afroman’s blissed and chilled-out state in this song is bound to spark a smile on your face. He puts a hilarious spin on cannabis culture as he forgets to do everyday tasks like cleaning his room and going to class, all because he got a little too high. 

Now that you’ve got all your weed songs together, it’s time to spark up. 

All the artists noted above would be thrilled to know you’re smoking to their weed songs, as they were created for those exact moments. 

What better way to enjoy a fresh new strain than with the tunes that romanticize cannabis culture?

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