Are you happy with the way Obama answers this Jamaican’s question about marijuana legalization?

You don’t hear about stuff like this everyday. Listen to President Barack Obama speak on marijuana legalization in response to an inquisitive Jamaican.

May 30, 2015 - HERB

You don’t often hear Obama answering questions about cannabis legalization. However, President Barack Obama did just that while in Jamaica, after a Rastafarian referenced the hemp industry and marijuana decriminalization.

Obama includes references to Colorado and Washington in his answer, and claims that “we will see” how the legalization experiment plays out. However, he does not foresee nationwide legalization anytime soon, nor does he see legalization as a “silver bullet” for the black market or the economy.

Even though Obama gives an orthodox reply and does not touch upon the hemp industry, we do have to give him credit for answering the question as thoroughly as he did.

Although likely not the answers you were hoping for, do you think Obama’s overall response is sufficient?

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