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Browse Artful Accessories At Elevate Jane, A Contemporary Smoke Shop

Elevate your smoking game with Elevate Jane's modern products and accessories.

Products in the cannabis industry tend to repeat themselves. We’ve had the same-looking pipesbongs, and accessories since the dawn of smoker’s time.

If the modern cannabis industry has taught us anything, there’s always room for improvement, innovation, and fun. Many of us look to cannabis as a way to relax, release stress, and elevate our moods. But there’s no denying that you might be outgrowing your typical bong, pipe, papers, and other accessories.

Speaking from experience, I’ve had the same grinder for the last five years. But I don’t want just any new grinder; I want one that will make me proud to own and use every day. Although there are no grinders at Elevate Jane, glass and ceramics are abundant.

At Elevate Jane, the modern smoke shop, browse through the deftly creative accessories like bowl pieces, pokers, ashtrays, pipes, and bongs. These unique pieces are perfect for the evolved cannabis consumer looking to be anything but average.

About Elevate Jane

Maybe you’re looking for an accessory you can place proudly on your coffee table, or perhaps you want to elevate your smoking game in general.

When it comes to Elevate Jane, the team wants to help you take each sesh to new, elevated heights. It’s a contemporary smoke shop that carries a vast array of unique smoking accessories that dance the line between beautiful and functional.

The team at Elevate Jane is a group of women based in Los Angeles and New York City. The brand carries products and accessories like:

  • Bongs
  • Pipes
  • Joint holders
  • Bowls/Pokers
  • Storage accessories
  • Ashtrays

Elevate Jane aims to destigmatize cannabis with stunning aesthetics and thoughtfully-designed art pieces that double as functional and aesthetically-pleasing smoking accessories.

Most glass here is hand-blown, and ceramics are finished by hand. All accessories are manufactured in small batches, making them all the more unique and rare.

Glass & Ceramics

Although Elevate Jane has many impressive products and accessories, we’re happy to introduce you to the brand’s creative glass and ceramic pieces.

These contemporary products will wow you with their unique looks, like the Nigiri Shrimp pipe or the High Note pipe. These are just a few examples of the numerous pipes from Elevate Jane, and its ceramic bongs are also worth the visit.

There are classic glass beaker bongs and also rustic-looking ceramic Chongo – Terra Cotta and Pleasure Point – Terra Cotta bongs. These pieces are a prime example of how you can elevate your sessions with a product or accessory you can be proud of.

Don’t even get me started on the adorable bowl pieces, like the Shrooms Bowl Piece, for lovers of fungi friends.

With so many options to choose from, elevating your smoking game will be a breeze, thanks to Elevate Jane. For more information or to shop the brand, visit its website at

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