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Here’s How The Metaverse Is Shaping The Modern Cannabis Industry

Cannabis companies and consumers should seriously consider the metaverse for safe and legal access to cannabis and marketing.

Cannabis is one of the most profitable industries in the United States. Yet, it remains illegal at a federal level.

Weed brands have been plagued with issues that all tie back to cannabis prohibition. For starters, it could be all fun and games when creating a brand and its ethos, but when it comes to marketing the brand, it’s an entirely different ball game.

Cannabis companies, entrepreneurs, and influencers are no stranger to getting their page flagged, suspended, shadowbanned, or taken down due to weed’s illicit status. Furthermore, they cannot associate with banks because most of them are federally insured.

That’s where Web3 comes in, a new World Wide Web that uses concepts like blockchains, decentralization, and NFTs to operate all within a digital world. Some cannabis companies are hoping that launching on a Web3 platform will rid weed brands of these issues and turn a new leaf.

Cannabis In The Metaverse

One company that’s said to be the pioneering cannabis metaverse platform is Cannaverse Technologies. The company launched Cannaland, the world’s first virtual cannabis marketplace, similar to our real-world experiences with the cannabis industry.

Users can shop for weed in Cannaland, learn more about the strains and weed they’re buying, and watch as brands roll out their true marketing visions without fear of legal repercussions.

Now, with the introduction of virtual reality and augmented reality, those experiences within Web3 aren’t so far off from a real-life shopping experience. Co-founder of Cannaverse Matthew Morgan says it will feel just like “you’re in the dispensary, like you’re in the cultivation.”

He said visitors to Cannaland can pick up objects and get a 360 view of them. Furthermore, Morgan hopes that Cannaland will be able to “digitize the buds so it looks very close to real life.”

Thus, consumers won’t have to worry about what they’re ordering online. It shouldn’t be any different from a real-life dispensary experience.

Some other neat features about Cannaland will include;

  • Education about cultivation
  • How to infuse foods
  • Selecting products that are right for your needs
  • Virtual concerts with stoner celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson

Another major advantage of Cannaland is using cryptocurrency to purchase real cannabis. Cannaland is allegedly working on creating a token called Canna, which can be used anywhere in Cannaland and will soon hopefully be accepted by real-life dispensaries.

Not only would this give consumers broader access to cannabis with different financial solutions, but it also lets companies steer away from issues with federal banks.

Innovations like Cannaland aren’t just something that cannabis companies can take advantage of, but consumers too. It’s a safe and modern way to access and learn about cannabis without worrying about the plant’s federally illegal status.

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