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Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream? Get It At Betty’s Eddies

Browse delicious infused ice cream and all-natural fruit chews from the sweetest edible maker in the nation.

What makes an edible special? Maybe it’s the natural ingredients used, or perhaps it’s the food itself that stands out from other edibles available on the legal market.

Whether you’re looking for all-natural ingredients, consistent dosages, and effects, or something a little more unique than what you’re used to, look to Betty’s Eddies. This celebrated edibles brand specializes in sweetening the legal edibles space with goodies that suit every lifestyle.

Vegan, gluten-free, and delicious, Betty’s Eddies remain unmatched. From fruit chews to cannabis-infused ice cream, check out some of the brand’s fan-favorite offerings below.

About Betty's Eddies

Nobody does edibles better than Betty’s Eddies. The brand currently offers vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free fruit chews with various potencies and flavors to help you find something for your desired outcome. Need help falling asleep? Betty’s got something for that. What about a pleasure enhancer? There’s a treat for that too.

Perhaps the most exciting edible offered at Betty’s Eddies is their cannabis-infused ice cream. You read that right. This brand takes pride in crafting the highest quality, best-tasting edibles with thoughtful ingredients that fit any lifestyle. 

Betty’s Eddies have been sweetening the lives of stoners since 2014. In fact, they offered the industry’s first full-spectrum, all-natural fruit chew. The brand has won several awards, including the following:

  • Best Selling Medical Product, 2021 Leaflink Awards
  • Best Edible, 2021 Reddit Sparkie Awards
  • Edible of the Year, 2020 Explore Maryland Cannabis Awards
  • Industry Innovators, 2020 Leaflink Awards

When shopping Betty’s Eddies, expect nothing less than full-spectrum cannabis, supporting cannabinoids, and natural herbs and supplements designed to make you feel good. It’s that simple. 

Check out a couple of our product recommendations from Betty’s Eddies below.

Chocolate Sunny Days

Betty’s Eddies offers 4 delicious flavors in their cannabis-infused ice cream. The Chocolate Sunny Days is a true treat for connoisseurs with a chocolatey sweet tooth. 

This decadent dark chocolate ice cream was made with coconut cream and royal Dutch cocoa powder, softly swirled in sunflower butter. Better yet, this ice cream is vegan, gluten-free, and infused with 20mg THC per container. All natural, delicious, and potent, this ice cream edible never disappoints.

Betty Good Times

Looking for a good time? Pop one of these Betty Good Times fruit chews in your mouth and wait for the fun to begin. These tasty chews are perfect for any time of day. 

Available in rich strawberry and zesty peach mango flavors, these full-spectrum chews are made with organic fruits and veggies and, as always, tons of love. The dosage varies depending on which state you’re purchasing from, ranging from 5mg THC per chew to 50mg THC per chew. Get yours now for a good time, any time.

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