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Culture | 01.12.2023

Dabber Dock’s Essential Dab Tool Organizers Eliminate Mess

Sick of tools that make a mess? See Dabber Dock's genius silicone organizers that maximize efficiency and experience.

Picture this. You’re hitting a substantial dab with your regular tools. In this euphoric moment, the last thing you’re thinking about is getting your sticky concentrate all over the table. After all, placing your dab tools down after a hit shouldn’t require any thought. 

But, unfortunately, it does. You can try placing your tools down on a tissue, but you’ll likely make an even bigger mess after picking off the bits and pieces of leftover tissue that stick to your tools like glue. 

Working with and consuming cannabis concentrates shouldn’t be a messy hassle. Although modern vaporizers have introduced more convenient ways to use concentrates, we understand that traditional consumers adore their glass pieces and the entire routine. 

If you consider yourself a regular dabber, you need a Dabber Dock. The brand’s silicone organizers ensure you never make an unnecessary mess when indulging in your favorite concentrate. Learn more about Dabber Dock and their silicone organizers below.

About Dabber Dock

Dabber Dock was founded by Rob Morris, a proud cannabis advocate who used the plant recreationally, as medicine, and to cope with OCD.

After years of immersing himself in Southern Oregon’s underground cannabis industry and working at headshops, he was introduced to cannabis concentrates.

A captivated Morris adored this method of consumption but was frustrated with the sticky challenges of working with and consuming oils. Applying concentrates to bangers, nails, and other tools would only result in a sticky mess.

It was a regular day at Fire & Water, the headshop Morris was working at in Ashland, Oregon, when he came across an existing product that sparked a million-dollar idea. Putting in the grunt work and patenting the concept, Morris has created the Dabber Dock, a silicone organizer for dab tools.

Dabber Dock Essentials

The Dabber Dock was followed by a few other products that can only benefit the dabbing experience. Learn more about Dabber Dock’s essential products below. 

V1 Dabber Dock

The brand’s flagship product exists to make your dabbing rituals effortless. It’s a small silicone piece with a suction-cop bottom that sits anywhere you desire. 

Available in Green, Blue, Black, and Red (with more colors coming soon), The V1 Dabber Dock was designed to hold sticky tools when your hands are busy. Simply clean it with isopropyl alcohol and rub it with a paper towel. 

V2 Dabber Dock

The V2 Dabber Dock is the second version of the brand’s flagship product. This updated version has room to accommodate horizontal dabber storage and comes with a larger “catch-all” area for falling oils. 

Dabber Dock 3-Pack

Dabber Dock also carries the Carb Crib to help hold bubble caps, UFO-style carb caps, and marbles. Furthermore, the brand’s Terp Tray was designed to store terp pearls, valve marbles, and pillars. 

For maximum stoner efficiency, we suggest grabbing everything you need through the Dabber Dock 3-Pack, including the following products:

  • V2 Dabber Dock
  • V2 Carb Crib
  • Terp Tray
  • One FREE Dab Tool

These three silicone products (plus the free dab tool) provide everything you need for clean, efficient, and effortless dab sessions. Organize your tools and never worry about the mess again. 

For more information about Dabber Dock, visit their website at

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