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Learn How To Use A Nectar Collector, The Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Nectar collectors are those accessories that once you try you can't stop using. Here's how to use them and how to make one yourself.

Also called dab and honey straws, nectar collectors are small-sized dab rigs with a tube-like design. It is easy to carry around and also assemble. You get the perfect coverage for all concentrates, as you can smoke them all in one pack; a nectar collector will leave you with a lasting impression you will always love. 

This article will offer a comprehensive insight into this new vaporizing experience of nectar collectors and why you should share in it. Let’s look at how it works before going any deeper.

How Does A Nectar Collector Work

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

If you are used to traditional dab rigs, then using a nectar collector won’t be an issue for you. It works almost the same, with slight adjustments; using a nectar collector, you place your heated tip in the concentrate instead of a heated dab nail. The precaution here is to ensure you don’t inhale until the tip has cooled. This is not so much to ask of.

How To Use A Nectar Collector

Here are six basics steps and ways to use your nectar collector: 

  • Fill the body of the nectar collector with water 
  • Get a butane torch and heat the nectar collector tip, do this for 40-50 seconds
  • After heating, allow the tip to cool off for at least 30 seconds or until it reaches your required temperature
  • Once it reaches your required temperature, place your mouth around the glass or silicone straw mouthpiece and inhale
  • Inhale and enjoy the vaporizing experience
  • Remove dab straw from dish once you are done

What Benefits Does A Nectar Collector Offer

Convenience is the first call here on the benefits you enjoy from smoking your best cannabis oils and using a nectar collector. It is affordable; when you compare the price of nectar collectors with large dab rigs, you will surely spot the difference in both, and the price is one of the stricken features you will find. The advantages can go on and on, but let’s look at a more critical point, assembling a nectar collector.

How To Assemble A Nectar Collector

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Here are a few steps to follow to assemble your nectar collector: 

  • Apply the joint wax around the joints of the top and mouthpiece
  • If you are using a nectar collector with percolators, you will need to fill it with water before attaching the pieces. This shouldn’t be an issue!
  • Insert the mouthpiece and twist it thoroughly until it locks in. Use the clip to secure it; however, if you are using a joint wax, heat the joint until the wax starts to melt before you attach it to your percolator
  • Follow the same process for your nail and tip, and you are all set to enjoy a rewarding experience

How To Use A Silicone Nectar Collector

Here are a few steps to reach this goal: 

  • Place your concentrate in the silicone nectar collector
  • Fill the body with water to allow filtration 
  • Connect the quartz tip or titanium tip as the case may be to the body 
  • Heat your tip with a butane torch or coil 
  • Put the heated tip into the concentrate and inhale

How To Use A Glass Nectar Collector

A glass nectar collector is another type of nectar collector, and if this is your choice of nectar collector, then here are a few steps on how to use it: 

  • Pour water into the main chamber
  • Reattach the mouthpiece and tip together; you cannot pour water into the chamber without removing the tip
  • Heat the tip carefully
  • Dip the heated tip into your concentrates and inhale 
  • Enjoy the soul-lifting experience

How To Use A Rubber Nectar Collector

If you decide to go with the rubber nectar collector, here are a few steps to enjoy your beautiful moments: 

  • Get your dish and concentrate ready 
  • Heat the tip with a butane torch
  • Allow it to cool 
  • Dip the tip in the concentrate
  • Inhale and enjoy 

If you follow the above steps, you will enjoy the best experience on all three variants of the nectar collector.

How To Make A Nectar Collector?

If you feel the need to build your nectar collector, all from scratch and at home, you will require a few materials, namely: 

Steps To Make A Homemade Nectar Collector

  • Make a 12 mm diameter cylinder of 12-inch long 
  • Get a metal straw
  • Measure 4-6-inches of straw 
  • Use a hacksaw to cut the straw and smoothen the cut edges 
  • Cut the cap of your medical bottle to allow your smoothing edges to fit in
  • For your mouthpiece, cut a small hole at the center end of the bottle 
  • Measure 3-4-inches straw from the surface of the bottle 
  • Cut your straw and smoothing the edges 
  • Use your glass tubes and insert them half-inch into your bottle 
  • Insert your cut glass tube inside the bottle

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