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What Is A Nectar Collector & How Does It Work

Here's the complete guide to nectar collectors, a dabbing tool you didn't know you need. Find out what they are and how to use them.

A nectar collector, in simple terms, is an improvement of the traditional dab rig, with significant improvements and breathtaking features that set it apart from what exists on your traditional dab rig. If you are looking for a portable dab rig, a nectar collector is a spec for your vaporizing needs. 

Nectar collector comes with a vertical design that makes it look like a straw; it comes in different designs like glass, silicone, or rubber. The tip of the collector is either titanium or quartz. 

It is usually heated with a torch or electric power, which can inhale the concentrate. Caution is needed when you use the nectar collector, so you don’t burn your hands or eyes or even overheat your nectar collector. You surely want to use the nectar collector for a second time, so ensure you keep your eyes on the heating.

Nectar collectors come in all shapes, forms, and prices. Here’s one of the best ones out there:

What Is A Nectar Collector Kit?

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What makes the nectar collector beautiful is the parts that make it up and the variety it offers. You decide which brand suits you, either glass, silicone or rubber.

It all comes down to your preference; the kit includes a nectar collector, a glycerin chamber, a straight tube glycerin chamber, and a dab dish. 

A titanium nail, glass dish, koozie, and others. All of these join together, giving you the perfect feeling that takes you off your feet.

Can You Smoke Crumble With A Nectar Collector?

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Variety is the spice of life, which is seen in the options available on your nectar collector. You can smoke all CBD and THC oils on this collector and enjoy the bliss that comes from a fulfilling experience; this truth is further established with this collector. 

And yes, you can smoke crumbles on this collector; we wouldn’t have come this far with you if this isn’t the case. Here are some simple steps to achieve this goal: 

  • Heat the tip of your nectar collector
  • Do this using a butane torch 
  • Allow the tip to cool off to your desired temperature
  • Touch the hot tip to your wax or concentrates
  • Inhale and vaporize

Can You Heat A Nectar Collector With A Lighter?

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Why would you need a lighter for a nectar collector in the first place? The reason is simple; it is either because you must have run out of your butane torch, or you possibly want to try new things. A lighter won’t work it; it is not just about heat; your heat must be adequate. 

Butane lighters provide a perfect intense flame that uniquely heats your nectar collector. The flame is not the same when you use a lighter, and the difference between both speaks out, especially with the vapor it produces. I know you always want the best feelings here, so go with the butane torch. 

Butane torch will guarantee the most pleasing experience at all times, and if you are in an emergency where you cannot use your butane torch, a gas stove will be ideal.

Do Nectar Collectors Waste Wax?

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Wax wastage is the usual thing with traditional dab rigs; you waste more than you enjoy, which can be a burden. We all want to put money in the right places and always get rewards for these investments. Investment in a good smoke is a worthy investment, so don’t pay it off. 

Nectar collector doesn’t waste wax, you are in charge of the amount of concentrate you are smoking, and wasting wax is entirely off here. Another problem with the traditional dab rigs is that your wax is often clogged, trapped right inside a dab jab, causing leakages now and then. This is not the case with nectar collectors.

How Does A Nectar Collector Work?

I talked about variety already in the introductory lines; maybe I should slide into that line and give it a little weight.

With the nectar collector, you are given the beautiful opportunity to smoke shatter, rosin, THC oil, CBD oil, and other concentrates of choice. You wouldn’t need a different machine for different things; you are entirely at home here, with the finest offerings. 

So how does it work? The workings of nectar collectors are similar to traditional dab rigs. I said this in the introductory lines, and trust me, the repetition is for emphasis, and it works. While it works just like the traditional dab rigs, it is pretty different from it, and it is this difference you are paying for. 

With the nectar collector, you don’t have to place the concentrate on a heated nail; instead, you place a heated tip on the concentrate. It works the magic this way, without an extra accessory to kill it. 

With the nectar collector, you will need a glass dish to hold your concentrates as you dab and then your concentrate of choice; a butane torch will follow this for the intense flame it produces.

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