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Learn | 01.13.2023

How To Smoke Shatter With Or Without A Rig

Shatter is a concentrated form of weed with a super-high potency, often hitting 80 percent cannabinoid content. Here’s how you smoke shatter.

Shatter is the purest form of cannabis extract. It has an amber, glass-like transparency and some of the highest terpene content of all concentrated extractions.

In addition to producing an intense high, it creates one that lasts. But how on earth do you smoke this concentrated form of weed?

There are two ways, to be exact. Not only can you smoke shatter using a rig, but you can also do so without one. The beauty of shatter is its potency, which often packs up to 80 percent cannabinoid content.

Whether you just bought a new rig or haven’t invested yet, here’s how to smoke shatter and make the most of it.

How To Smoke Shatter Using A Rig

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Photo by Keti Chikhladze

Although there are a few ways to burn shatter, the oil rig is by far the most popular. An oil rig, in particular, is a glass pipe that looks similar to a bong.

In addition to containing a vertical chamber, it also includes a mouthpiece and a hole, which is where you insert a small nail made of glass or metal.

After the nail turns red, you then use a metal dabber, scoop up a small amount of shatter, and then dab it onto the nail. As a result, the oil combusts right away, and a thick plume of smoke is produced, which you inhale through the rig.

Often, you’ll be left with additional oil on your nail after each dab. In this case, you have two choices as to what you’ll do with it. First, you can continue blasting the nail using a torch until the remaining shatter is gone. Or, you can wait until the goop begins to clog your rig.

In that case, you can soak the pipe in alcohol. Then, boil it until all of the alcohol disappears. Finally, scrape up the remaining oil and dab again.

What If You Don’t Have A Rig?

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No rig? No problem. In fact, there are more ways to smoke shatter than one, no rig necessary.

To start, you can fill your bowl with ground-up weed. Then, add a few drops of dab onto the pot. Continue filling the remainder of the pipe with ganja, and spark up when complete.

Not only does this prevent an open flame from coming into contact with the shatter, but it also keeps the THC from burning before it has time to enter your lungs.

If you’re looking for another option, then there’s always the joint. As you roll a joint, just add some oil into it. But make sure you keep the shatter away from the ends. Again, you don’t want the flame to interfere with the shatter.

If you’re new to smoking shatter, these two ways will probably be easier for you. All you need is a pipe, some papers, weed, and wax.

Turn Any Bubbler Into A Rig With Honeybee Herb

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Photo courtesy of Honeybee Herb

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If you want to try shatter but don’t want to change your old reliable bubbler or bong, you might be better off with a dab nail or banger. The folks at Honeybee Herb have the perfect set of high-quality tools to turn any glassware or smoking device ready for some smooth dabbing.

For newcomers to the dabbing world, we present their Quartz Bangers & Dab Nails collection. These quartz additions are perfect for the adventurer who wants to try shatter but wants different styles of bowls to try from. You can try the classic yellow line for the original run or try the black line for a seamless weld.

Choosing between one or the other depends on how you want your external bowl to fit. Their yellow line can be disassembled a little bit easier for cleaning, while the black line has a full seamless weld for a stronger product.

If you want something a little stronger, their Titanium Dab Nails collection is highly durable and functional as well. These will last a lot more than your typical quartz or ceramic but might be better for intermediate and advanced users that want to make the transition easier or like other extracts besides shatter.

Best of all, Honeybee Herb also has dab and prodding tools, so you don’t have to use non-sanitary (and at hand) household items for cleaning. And since they have stainless steel in all of their tools, you won’t need to worry about your tools not being durable enough or easily cleanable after a session.

The Top Products To Help You Smoke Shatter Like A Pro

How To Smoke Shatter Using A Portable Vaporizer

Vaping shatter works just as vaping flower or other concentrates. When vaporizing shatter, it is recommended to use a higher temperature than you would use for your dried flower. That said, you do not have to heat it to the same high temperatures that you would use for other cannabis concentrates.

Simply place a small dollop of shatter into your vaporizer, gently warm it up by pushing the fire button a couple of times, and then enjoy your shatter vapor.


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For smooth, hassle-free shatter smoking, you might want to use something flexible. And the PAX 3 is perfect if you want to try out shatter or waxy concentrates. This revolutionary device is small yet powerful, mixing the best of both worlds with dry herb and concentrates.

So, what’s the PAX 3? This small but sleek vaporizing device is the latest in smoking tech. Using heating elements instead of burning in its specialized chamber can bring the best of flowers and concentrate alike.

This vaporizer is pretty discreet and sleek looking and has four different temperature settings to choose your desired experience. It also comes in four colors: Onyx, Burgundy, Sand, and Sage.

Read more about how the PAX works and enjoy a hassle-free shatter smoking experience. Get puffing with the tried and true  devices from PAX and score yours with the deal of the year

Use An E-Nail With Your Rig

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Traditional dabbing has its drawbacks. We often use blow torches to heat nails and get them hot enough to vaporize concentrates.

There’s no denying that having a blow torch lying around isn’t the safest. Plus, they have to be refilled with butane, which isn’t the most convenient. And most importantly, you can’t control the temperature.

Adjusting the temperature of your dab experience is key to making the most of your concentrate. Luckily, our industry has bestowed some innovative advancements that kick these problems to the curb.

Advancements like the E-Nail from Freeze Pipe introduce beginner and seasoned dabbers to a new, smooth, and elevated way to consume concentrates. This innovative and portable E-Nail fits into any 14mm and 18mm bowl and heats between 200 – 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

The E-Nail also has a built-in safety shutoff, which turns off the device 60 seconds after it reaches your preferred temperature.

The Ultimate Mini Rig Collection From MJ Arsenal

The Mini Rig

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Mini rigs are a beautiful experience that will bring life to your concentrate experience. Check out this selection from MJ Arsenal. Their mini dab rigs, made from stunning one-color glass, are the perfect combination of functionality and style, making them a must-have for any dabber.

One of the standout features of these mini rigs is their compact size. They’re perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of dabbing on the go or for those who have limited space at home. Despite their small size, these rigs pack a punch when it comes to performance. They utilize advanced percolation systems to ensure smooth, flavorful hits every time.

But it’s not just about function with these mini rigs. The one-color glass used in their construction adds a level of sophistication and elegance to the overall design. Each one is beautifully crafted, with a sleek and cohesive look that is sure to impress.

Shatter Smoking With DynaVap

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Have you been on that search looking for a discreet, sleekly designed, portable dab rig? With time being of the essence in daily life, DynaVap ‘M’’ Series Vaporizers make life that much easier to get efficiently stoned.

 If you’re tight on cash and need more bang for your buck out of your shatter, put your concentrate in the cap of any one of the DynaVap “M” Series Concentrate Vaporizers, and end up saving more than half of your ‘material’.

You load these “M” Series vaporizers up with whatever goodies you decide to go with, whether it be a dry herb or thick concentrate, and it efficiently uses less of your concentrate while producing ‘highly’ results.

These bad boys are battery-free, so you just use an external heat source to heat the rig up, toke away, and enjoy whatever activities you like doing while stoned.  Grab a DynaVap “M” Series Concentrate Vaporizer, you’ll wish you realized this before.

Smoke Shatter In A Vaporizer

The Airvape Legacy Pro is the perfect device for those who want to enjoy the perfect balance of form and function. 

This top-of-the-line vaporizer is designed with shatter and concentrates in mind, and it offers a level of performance that other devices simply can’t match.

The Legacy Pro features a two-button precise temperature control, allowing you to adjust the temperature between 212F to 464F easily. This makes it easy to find the perfect setting for your shatter or concentrate of choice. The device also features a vibration signal that lets you know when it has reached the optimal vaping temperature.

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The Best Shatter To Put These Recommendations

Wax Dabs From Binoid

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When it comes to quality there is one brand that comes to mind: Binoid. If you are interested in putting these recommendations into practice, whether smoking shatter from a rig, dab pen, or bong, nothing like doing it with one of the best wax dabs on the market, the THC-P Wax Dabs from Binoid.

Binoid THC-P Wax Dabs are available in 3 delicious flavors:

  • Cherry Bomb: This strain is as potent as it is delicious, providing strong psychoactive effects. A delicious 50-50 hybrid with mixed berry flavors of blackberry, blueberry, and cherry.
  • Blackberry Kush: A delicious Indica-dominant strain, with strong diesel, notes that blend well with the sweet and sour notes of blackberry.
  • Orange Crush: This Sativa-dominant hybrid of Californian origin is ideal for uplifting, sweet, and sour highs. Its flavor has earthy, orange, sour, and sweet notes.

Overall the taste of these Wax Dabs is quite smooth and very pleasant. Also, the quality of the THC-P is unmatched: the hits are short, sweet, and reveal the effects of the THC-P without “outside influences”, an absolute marvel to try out.

Binoid THC-P Wax Dabs use premium THC-P distillate with 7-8% cannabis terpenes, plus it comes in a Bundle of 3 or 6 wax dabs, where you can mix flavors to experience what you like best. Truly a gem and a bargain in a bundle.

The Puffco Peak Pro

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Are you ready to take your concentrate game to the next level? Look no further than the Puffco Peak Pro! This bad boy is the ultimate smoking device of the decade and it’s not just us saying it, the whole community is raving about it.

First off, let’s talk about the chamber. It’s like the brain of the operation and it’s seriously impressive. There’s a special sensor inside that communicates with the device, keeping your temperature on point no matter how hard you inhale or how much oil you put in. This means you can take massive dabs without any hassle, and it’s all thanks to that little sensor.

Next up, the Oculus Carb Cap. This thing is a game changer. It’s like a window into your dab experience, allowing you to see the magic of melting concentrates in action. Plus, the press-fit connection keeps your carb cap and oil in place so you don’t have to worry about any spills.

The Peak Pro also has a directional air-path that maximizes vapor production. Puffco has also redesigned the chamber to make it even more reliable and improve performance. It’s now 40% larger, so you can take bigger dabs than ever before.

But the real cherry on top? The Peak Pro App. This bad boy unlocks a whole new world of capabilities and control. You can customize the LED lights on your device with four unique light patterns: Pulse, Wave, Disco, and Stealth. It’s like having your own personal light show every time you take a hit.

In short, the Puffco Peak Pro is the ultimate smoking device for anyone looking to take their concentrate game to the next level. It’s efficient, customizable, and just plain fun to use.

Unleash Your Inner Cannasseur with Injoy Extracts THC-O Distillate

You’re familiar with terpenes and well versed in flower. What about concentrates? What about cannabinoids? If you’re looking to take your cannabis experience to the next level, you’ve got to check out Injoy Extracts’ THC-O Distillate.

This THC-O Distillate is a concentrate that consists of up to 97% THC, making it one of the strongest types of concentrates available on the market. It’s made with a special distilling process that utilizes organic, non-GMO ingredients to create a pure, potent concentrate. This concentrate is extracted with state-of-the-art technology and is free of any by-products or contaminants.

When you use THC-O Distillate, you’ll experience a rush of intense, full-bodied flavor and effects. This concentrate is incredibly potent, so it’s important to start low and go slow when using it. Whether you’re dabbing, vaping, or adding it to edible recipes, you’ll be sure to enjoy its unique flavor and effects.

Injoy Extracts’ THC-O Distillate is an excellent choice for the experienced cannabis user looking to take their experience to the next level. With its intense flavor and effects, this concentrate is sure to satisfy even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur. So, if you’re looking to unleash your inner cannasseur, check out Injoy Extracts’ THC-O Distillate today!

Dabbing With Dank-Lite

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Dabbing is a popular way to consume cannabis concentrates, and Dank-Lite’s Baller Jar Dabs is the best quality of dabs you could look for.

Made with high-quality cannabis oil and comes in a mixture of 5 cannabinoids. Delta 8, Delta10, HHC, THCO, and THCP, all into 1 Jar. What a beautiful mix, something you have to experience.

Dank-Lite Baller Jar Dabs contains 3g of the finest ‘sticky icky’, coming in clutch with a solid amount of wax that should hold you over for a few weeks depending on your usage. But with a delicious flavor like Rocky Mountain Blueberry, you might have to call the homies over and dab them all out, let them experience that deliciousness as well.

The room is filled with the aroma of berries and sweetness. Clean dabs and good vibes, who doesn’t love that?

What Is THCM?

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The Best THCA Disposables

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