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How To Smoke Shatter (With Or Without A Rig)

Shatter is a concentrated form of weed with a super-high potency, often hitting 80 percent cannabinoid content. Here’s how you smoke shatter.
how to smoke shatter

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Shatter is the purest form of cannabis extract. It has an amber, glass-like transparency and some of the highest terpene content of all concentrated extractions. In addition to producing an intense high, it creates one that lasts.

But how on earth do you smoke this concentrated form of weed? There are two ways, to be exact. Not only can you smoke shatter using a rig, but you can also do so without one. The beauty of shatter is its potency, which often packs up to 80 percent cannabinoid content; so, be careful with the ‘greening out‘.

Besides, you can learn how to make shatter by clicking on the link.

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How To Smoke Shatter Using A Rig

How to smoke shatter using a rig

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Although there are a few ways to burn shatter, the oil rig is by far the most popular. An oil rig, in particular, is a glass pipe that looks similar to a bong.

In addition to containing a vertical chamber, it also includes a mouthpiece and a hole, which is where you insert a small nail made of glass or metal.

After the nail turns red, you then use a metal dabber, scoop up a small amount of shatter, and then dab it onto the nail. As a result, the oil combusts right away, and a thick plume of smoke is produced which you inhale through the rig.

Often, you’ll be left with additional oil on your nail after each dab. In this case, you have two choices as to what you’ll do with it. First, you can continue blasting the nail using a torch until the remaining shatter is gone. Or, you can wait until the goop begins to clog your rig.

In that case, you can soak the pipe in alcohol. Then, boil it until all of the alcohol disappears. Finally, scrape up the remaining oil and dab again.

The best and easiest way to do smoke shatter is with an electronic dab rig. We recommend you try the Vista Mini 2.

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Some electronic dab rigs worth checking out:

Best Quality – Dr. Dabber Switch

Best Design – Puffco Peak

Best Value – Pulsar RöK

What If You Don’t Have A Rig?

No rig? No problem. In fact, there are more ways to smoke shatter than one, no rig necessary.

To start with, you can fill your bowl up with ground-up weed. Then, add a few drops of dab onto the pot. Continue filling the remainder of the pipe with ganja, and spark up when you’re done.

Not only does this way prevent an open flame from coming into contact with the shatter, but it also keeps the THC from being burned before it has time to enter your lungs.

If you’re looking for another option, then there’s always the joint. As you roll a joint, just add some oil into it. But make sure you keep the shatter away from the ends. Again, you don’t want the flame to interfere with the shatter. And why not in a blunt? Well, learn on our post joint vs blunt the differences to know why.

If you’re new to smoking shatter, then these two ways are probably going to be a lot easier for you. All you need is a pipe, some papers, weed, and wax. But that’s not all you can do…

How To Smoke Shatter In A Pipe

Smoking shatter on a pipe works just as if you were to smoke regular dried flower. Most pipes will work perfectly with shatter, but if you want our recommendation then you should go with the Genius Pipe.

This three-piece device provides a smooth but potent rip. The screen with which the Genius Pipe is built makes it a good option when it comes to smoking anything, including shatter.

These are some other pipes you may want to check out:

Best Design Session Goods Pipe

Best Quality – KØL Pipe

Best Value  Eyce Silicone Bubbler

How To Smoke Shatter In A Bong

As long as you’re not topping off some flower with a little bit of shatter, the best way to smoke it out of a bong is by using a screen. Just put a screen at the bottom of a clean bong bowl. Then, add a small amount of your preferred shatter into the bowl and light it with a regular lighter.

You may need to blow on the shatter gently to encourage it to burn evenly and continuously. Some people prefer to light their shatter with a torch lighter. As your hash gently burns, simply inhale and enjoy.

Here’s the best bong to smoke shatter:

Some bongs you may want to check out:

Best Design K. Haring Water Pipe

Best Quality The Voyager Bong

Best Value – Boo Glass Mini Water Pipe

How To Smoke Shatter In A Vape

Vaping shatter works just as vaping flower or other concentrates. When vaporizing shatter, it is recommended to use a higher temperature than you would use for your dried flower. That said, you do not have to heat it to the same high temperatures that you would use for other cannabis concentrates.

Simply place a small dollop of shatter into your vaporizer, gently warm it up by pushing the fire button a couple of times, and then enjoy your shatter vapor.

Our recommended device for vaping shatter is the DaVinci IQ2. It is one of the best and most advanced portable vapes on the market today. It can be used with shatter and other concentrates as well as with dry herb.

Here are some other vapes worth checking out:

Best Quality – PAX 3

Best Value XVAPE Avant

Best Vapor – Storz & Bickel Crafty+

E-Nails as an Alternative Option

E-nails are just a different take on your traditional rig. In fact, most of them work in conjunction with your rig, they’re just a more convenient way of heating up your nail, forget about the blow torch and having to search for butane at the Home Depot.

Although e-nails and rigs in general might end up going out of fashion soon, heavily due to innovation on the electric rig side, they still provide a very accurate and convenient way of utilizing your rig.

Not to mention that traditional oil rigs can be more than just a functional item, much like bongs, they can be a center piece to your coffee table, if you run an open-minded house hold that is.

Also, let’s not forget that glasswork makes for a smooth pull on almost any smoking material, specifically concentrates like shatter. So, if you’re not looking to evolve and get rid of your rig, e-nails are a gadget you want to keep handy.

Dab Pens

Photo by Ayehab / Adobe Stock Photo

Biiig fans of dab pens at Herb…

Dab Pens are an alternative to your dry-herb vaporizer, regardless if we’re talking about a portable or table base device. Actually, many dry-herb vaporizers are now coming out with dual-use options that offer two separate smoking compartments, one for concentrates (like shatter) and one for dry herb. The point is that dab pens are a great option for shatter users that don’t want or can’t spark up a smoke session at home.

Our recommended dab pen is the Dr. Dabber Ghost. This top-quality portable dab pen heats up slowly and evenly, extracting the most flavor and cannabinoids from your shatter without burning it.

Other dab pens you should consider:

Best Design – Dr. Dabber Stella

Best Vapor – G Pen Micro+

Best Value – XVAPE Cricket+

August 13, 2019 — Last Updated October 05, 2021
Written by Brittney Sanger
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August 13, 2019 — Last Updated October 05, 2021
Written by Brittney Sanger
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