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Learn | 03.22.2022

Meet Binoid’s New THC-P Wax Dabs

Curious about how these Wax Dabs work? Let’s get full into the review into these innovative concentrates.

Have you ever tried some dabs that didn’t hit as strong as you’d think? Well, with the new cannabinoids being easily accessible, like Delta-P, THC V, and even THC O.

This is why this time we are reviewing one of the newest cannabinoids on the market, Delta P.

Besides being up to 33 times stronger than regular THC, these new Wax Dabs from Binoid are enriched with this new cannabinoid. So not only is it stronger because of its concentration, the actual cannabinoids will have an intense experience (high) overall.

Mix it with some sweet dense smoke for dabbing and you’ve got the new generation of dabbing juices, courtesy from the folks at Binoid.

Curious about how these Wax Dabs work? Let’s get full into the review into these innovative concentrates.

About Binoid

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Photo courtesy of Binoid

Binoids is a Los Angeles-based company that provided high-quality products for a while. Besides being fully compromised with the quality of their delta-8, CBD, THC, and recently, Delta P.

Since 2018 they’ve created products that are not only fun, unique, and effective, but also high-quality and easy to consume and buy.

Binoid fully believes that Hemp and hemp-based products can be part of a living healthy lifestyle. With this, they want to elevate consumption and empower the cannabis movement by bringing exceptional hemp products to the game.

What is THC-P?

Before we go any further, let’s have a quick reminder on what THCP or Delta P is. Delta P is a natural cannabinoid that has become increasingly popular due to its potency.

As an isomer from regular THC, it means it’s a chemical pretty similar to regular D9. The difference is that this compound acts differently in our bodies.

This cannabinoid is up to 33 times stronger than regular Delta 9, although some anecdotal evidence has reported that it might be 9 through 10 times stronger.

Binoids New THC-P Wax Dabs

Now let’s talk about the new product from Binoid, their THC-P Wax Dabs. Besides being one of the highest qualities in the cannabis market, they are the pioneers by creating the first Delta-P wax in the market.

Let’s check out their ingredients, what effects you should expect, and how dosing should be used.


Inside this delicious Dab Bombs, you’ll find the world-famous Binoid dab formula. Besides that, you’ll find high-quality, THC-P premium distillate. The mix of both compounds guarantees delicious and potent puffs with each pull.


Some of the effects you’d expect from this powerful dab are a heavy and head-centered buzz. Also expect some psychoactive, mental, and physical high that will make you feel more relaxed.

As it has Delta P instead of regular THC, expect a stronger experience than your usual dab, This pairs up with intense euphoria, happiness, enjoyment, and huge body and mind relaxation.

So besides that, expect a full-bodied experience that will set apart the Delta-P experience from other cannabinoids.


This is where I’d recommend saying less is more. Dabbing, in general, is a stronger experience than your usual joint or vape, so expect denser smoke and even more powerful puffs.

With that said, Delta-P is stronger than most cannabinoids. And some studies have shown that it can be bound to our system up to 33 times stronger than regular THC.

Hence, I’d recommend going softer with the dosage. So if regularly you’d go for two to four smidges for your dabbing, I’d recommend starting with half your regular dosage.


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Photo courtesy of Binoid

Now let’s talk about the strains that Binoid included in their distillates. The three strains they’ve chosen for the bombs are all super-rich and delicious. From the fruity and delicious Cherry Bomb with explosive flavor and psychoactive highs to the tart and sweet Orange Crush.

Let’s check out each strain’s details.

Cherry Bomb

Like the famous 80s song, this strain is a bomb full of flavor and richness. This strain is just as potent as it is delicious, giving strong psychoactive effects that can also help with aches, pain, and stress.

This flavor strain is a 50-50 hybrid with high THC content. Some of the flavors you might get from this rich strain are blackberry, blueberry, and cherry. 

So for some mixed berry, sweet yet a little tart notes lovers, this flavor-strain of dab is one of the best choices around.

Blackberry Kush

The Blackberry Kush strain is a delicious indica-dominant strain that Binoid has made available in this new dab line. 

The strain is known as being an Afghani and Blackberry cross that has delicious crystals on each bud. It usually has a strong, skunky smell and odor, that might remind you of fuel-like strains.

These strong diesel-like notes mix well with the sweet and tart notes of blackberry. The rich and strong berry pairs very well with the kushy notes, making it very complex and perfect for the dab Cannasseur.

Orange Crush

Even though this has the same name as the classic soda, this sativa-dominant hybrid is far from being a simple soda pop. As a child of California Orange and Blueberry strains, this Californian-based strain is great for some uplifting, sweet, and tarty puffs.

Besides being high on THC, this strain has some earthy, orangey, sour, and sweet notes. This also gives the smoke some citrusy sweet flavors that come through with each dab.

So if you have a sweet tooth and like orange sweets and flavors, this strain might be perfect for some flavorful dabs mid-afternoon or in the evening.


The new Binoid THC-P Wax Dabs are a full bomb that’s ready to change the dabbing space. This is quite literal, with one of the chosen strains for this first release being Cherry Bomb, a deliciously rich, and sweet strain.

Other available strains include the skunky Blackberry Kush and the sweet and citrusy Orange Crush.

Not only these dabs are stronger than your usual puffs by being top-shelf distillate juice, but the new cannabinoid on the block will also sure make it an intense experience.

What do you think of the strains selected for the Delta-P line from Binoid? Do you have any preferred dabbing method? Let us know in the comments below.

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