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Guides | 02.24.2022

THC-P Dosage Guide: How Much Should You Take?

With such potent cannabinoids like THC-P, it's better to be safe. Created with Binoid.

Will the day when we’ve discovered all of cannabis’ power ever come?

It seems like we’re discovering and harnessing the power of more and more parts of this loved plant by the day, and the market does not seem to get enough of it.

Take a look at this THC-P dosage guide we put together with Binoid!

What Is THC-P

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is a rare hemp derivative that was only discovered recently, as of 2019. With the “rare cannabinoid” market exploding right now, we think it’s imperative to be informed of what hemp enthusiasts are being offered.

One of the more fascinating cannabinoids is THC-P, with a rich array of psychoactive properties unseen in other hemp derivatives. This cannabinoid happens to be federally legal, yet capable of delivering unique intoxicating effects and benefits to consumers. 

THC-P was discovered recently and found to have a seven-carbon chain, which makes it stronger than the five-carbon chained THC.

To top that off, imagine a substance more than thirty times as capable to bind to CB1 receptors as Delta 9 THC, due to this unparalleled capacity to bind to receptors in our endocannabinoid system THC-P is ringing some bells in the cannabis industry.

What To Know Before Taking THC-P

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It’s of high importance to understand that this substance is still a work in progress. There is much to learn and investigate on the full scope of effects, benefits, and side effects of THC-P, but we have a grasp on what it can achieve. 

The cannabis industry has identified that the effects of THC-P are very similar if not the same as those of THC, but elevated to an unknown proportion. Also take note that all substances intereact and react differently according to every person’s set of traits. 

When consuming a substance we aren’t fully aware of, we need to take some time to understand some traits we each carry that may alter or change the way we react to said substance.

Take into consideration your tolerance and your experience with other substances of like or different origins. Your experience with THC, CBD, Delta 8, or other cannabis or hemp derived substances will for sure give you a clue on what to expect. 

Another fundamental thing to remember or think about is how important our state of mind or interior and exterior stimuli will be to our overall user experience.

As such, please begin from the bottom up, make your way up to a comfortable dose and document your findings (mental notes are fine) so as to get a grasp of how you interact with THC-P.

THC-P Dosages

Binoid produces top tier THC-P that is easy to consume and dose, and they have a detailed guide on how to consume this dashing cannabinoid.

If you’re unfamiliar with cannabis or hemp derived products, or with THC-P itself, we recommend you start off at the lowest dose and work your way up according to your experience. 

The proper dose will vary according to the type of product you consume, but the recommended dosage will vary according to your consumption/tolerance level.

Beginners or inexperienced users should begin with a  THC-P dosing of 1 mg – 3 mg per use. Intermediate and somewhat frequent users should take a 3 mg – 5 mg dose per use.

Advanced and heavy users can begin their THC-P dosing at 5 mg – 10 mg or more per use.

For more practical and detailed instructions on how to dose on Binoid products take a look at their blog.

Do expect to find more answers and information in the experimentation you will do, keep track of the effects, onset time, duration, and tailor your experience according to your specific needs.

THC-P Side Effects

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We may still need some time before we have definitive answers to all of the THC-P questions, as such there is still a lot to find out about the potential side effects of this cannabinoid.

THC-P has an elevated capacity to bond and interact with our system, so it might be safe to assume that the side effects may also be stronger.

Users have reported the same set of side effects that THC may produce, and this also varies from person to person. Always take into consideration that the temporary, uncomfortable effects that are produced by these substances will fade with time, hydration, and rest. 

The most common adverse effects that THC produces are feelings of paranoia and anxiousness, elevated self-consciousness, feeling groggy or sleepy, fatigue, increased alertness, dry mouth and red eyes, temporary memory loss, sickness, and vomiting.

Is THC-P Safe?

As with other cannabinoids and derivative substances, there is a risk of health and safety hazards. As such it is your entire responsibility to consume with care and prudence.

Your user experience may see changes and a negative impact if your state of mind and consciousness are altered or at a bad place. 

Consume responsibly, take care and learn about the substances you put into your body!

You should be your own priority and haven, so if you identify issues that may ruin your experience or put your integrity at risk it is best to seek help and stop consuming. 

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