Culture | 08.09.2022

David Duchovny Ate Weed Gummies While Editing His New Novella

The actor spoke with Bill Maher about how a weed gummy does wonders during the editing process.

Bill Maher gave us a long, entertaining rundown of the past week in the United States.

“Biden got COVID again, and had the best week of his presidency.”

“I don’t know if this is related, but today Kamala Harris was seen rubbing herself with a coughing monkey,” poking at the country’s declaration of monkeypox as a national emergency.

It wasn’t until Maher spoke with his first guest that we learned a little more about the behind-the-scenes of writing and editing novellas.

When actor, writer, and producer David Duchovny took the stage, he discussed writing his new novella, The Reservoir.

Funny enough, it looks like Duchovny doesn’t dabble in weed to enhance the creative process. Instead, he uses it in a far more logical and analytical way.

Duchovny described his book as, “It is, and it isn’t me,” citing that although he is the protagonist, there is still some creative fiction tied in.

“It’s fucking awesome to novelize your life because you can edit out the shit you don’t like and create the shit you do like,” Maher expressed.

As the conversation continued, Duchovny said that he does dabble in weed, but not while writing. Instead of using the plant for its creative powers, Duchovny confessed that he’s more of a high-editor than a high-writer.

His method of choice was? “I love a gummy. They’re nostalgic! They remind you of being a six-year-old,” he said.

It’s quite interesting to know that Duchovny edited his novella while high.

Some might think that cannabis can make us miss some errors or not be fully present during the process. But Duchovny‘s experience is proof that weed doesn’t just have to be creative but analytical as well.

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