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Delicious Handcrafted Edibles And Infused Confections From Grön

Grön (pronounced "grewn") is one of North America's largest and favorite cannabis-infused edibles brands.

There’s nothing more exciting than finding your new favorite cannabis product.

Maybe some Sugar-Coated Pearls sound of interest, or something like Candy-Coated Pips.

You can’t find these sweet and unique treats anywhere else but Grön, a women-led brand of visionaries that’s grown to become one of North America’s largest cannabis-infused edibles producers.

The brand started with its launch of delicately nuanced dark chocolate bars and has since evolved into an international brand with multiple product lines that satisfy millions of consumers.

About Grön

One of the most impressive parts about Grön is its commitment to only using the best ingredients, which are:

  • Single-origin
  • Organic
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Locally sourced whenever possible

However, behind the brand is a passionate team comprising confectioners, chocolatiers, and executives from all walks of life. Together, they’re joining forces to set the standards for cannabis-infused edibles.

Not only does Grön offer a handful of neat and luxurious edibles, but they come in different cannabis varieties, potencies, and ratios. Take the Sugar-Coated Pearls, for example.

These real fruit pearls are infused with full spectrum cannabis extract, ensuring the products provide the beneficial entourage effect. Plus, they come in different ratios containing cannabinoids like:

  • CBD
  • CBN
  • THC

This is just one example of Grön’s flavorful, safe, and effective infused creations. Its unique product lines have showcased Grön’s artisan chocolate, product innovation, and commitment to delivering something new to the industry time and again.

Grön Expands To Missouri

Grön’s edibles are currently available in Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, and throughout Canada.

In recent news, the edibles brand just announced that it’s expanding its popular treats to 30 dispensaries in Missouri. But how is that possible, considering recreational cannabis isn’t legal in Missouri?

The beautiful thing about Grön’s products is they’re perfect for medical marijuana patients, which is precisely the role these treats will play in Missouri.

In a recent press release, the CEO and founder of Grön, Christine Smith, explained how excited the company is to provide its “popular cannabis-infused edibles to Missouri and to offer our innovative, purpose-driven cannabinoid ratios to customers hungry for something new.”

She added, “We think people are really going to love the quality and taste of our Pearls and Mega Pearls, and we look forward to connecting with the Missouri cannabis community.”

For more information about where to find a retail dispensary carrying Grön’s products, visit this dispensary finder. For anything more, check out Grön’s website at

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