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Photo courtesy of Last Leaf

News | 04.20.2022

The World’s First Cannabis-Infused, Luxurious Mac & Cheese

Chef Todd English's Edible Company Launches Gourmet Cannabis-Infused Mac & Cheese.

You may know him from featuring on the hit television series Top Chef or his own show, Food Trip with Todd English; renowned celebrity chef Todd English just launched a mouth-watering cannabis-infused delicacy

Any cannabis user can tell you that macaroni and cheese is a go-to munchie dish, but what if the mac was responsible for inducing a high?

That’s exactly what Chef English has been up to lately, finding new and delicious ways to merge the cannabis community with gourmet eats. A recent report from Forbes highlights Chef English’s latest ventures, which touch on his recent edible company launch, LastLeaf, in California.

The company finally sells the highly anticipated LastLeaf Macaroni & Cheese, coming in 10mg THC isolate, making for 5mg THC per serving. 

“While cookies, gummies, and brownies are great at hitting the sweet tooth, I’m trying to merge cannabis and gourmet cuisine, enhancing the dining experience for the cannabis-curious foodie,” Chef English told Forbes. 

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Photo courtesy of Last Leaf

The Macaroni & Cheese from LastLeaf comes in dainty zipped bags that offer two delicious flavors, classic cheddar cheese and white cheddar. It’s off-topic, but LastLeaf is preparing to launch its cannabis-infused Classic Olive Oil. Making my mouth water just thinking about it. 

In an interview with Forbes, Chef English said, “The timing was just perfect with the industry hungry for change, no pun intended!”

“In the past, I’ve developed some CBD food products but after [business partner] Keith’s [Burkard] extensive market research, he saw a unique opportunity to create THC primary food group edibles that consumers can use everyday.”

He concluded that after joining forces, “We synced up, hit the kitchen, and hired some food science experts leading us to where we are today as the go-to leader in the cannabis food products space.”

All LastLeaf products are currently available at three retailers in California, Culture Cannabis Club, Lemonnade, and Cookies. Visit its website here

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