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Discover Colorado’s Best-Selling Flower At In The Flow

This family-owned and operated company invites you to consider what makes you the most fulfilled in life. Be zen, be In The Flow.

Connecting consumers with the best brands is something we take pride in. We are only happiest when you are, and we understand the importance of accessing the highest quality flower in your area, grown with a loving touch.

You don’t always have to opt for your old reliable strain. Instead, we encourage you to switch things up and explore brands that put your needs first by growing sustainable, consistent, and premium flower for a truly unique and affordable cannabis experience.

Brands like In The Flow have already mastered sustainable cannabis cultivation, and they work around the clock to ensure all consumers can appreciate their flavorful, unique, and game-changing products grown and made with TLC.

About In The Flow

This family-owned and operated cannabis company sees what they do as “less like working and more like living,” reads their website.

It’s a passion project that’s showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, In The Flow’s Chemmy Jones Sativa strain is the fifth best-selling cannabis flower in Colorado, per industry data firm Headset.

All plants and products at In The Flow are:

  • Grown and packaged sustainably
  • Grown in small batches
  • Containing natural ingredients
  • Tested for quality and consistency, going above and beyond Colorado’s testing requirements

Impressively, In The Flow is one of the first cultivation companies to become Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certified. The brand has already minimized its electricity usage by 70% while constantly revealing new ways to give back to the earth, the people, and their community.

To Be "In The Flow"

Now that we know some crucial characteristics of the brand, perhaps you’re wondering about the significance of its name. They take pride in embodying and showcasing the concept of finding your flow.

Many of us know how it feels to be in the flow, getting work done much more effectively and with the motivation to do it. However, In The Flow’s founders, two longtime friends and their wives missioned to create a profession that felt fulfilling from all angles.

The hard work and dedication put into the brand resulted in a profession that felt less like work and more like art. Now, In The Flow invites consumers to consider what makes them the most fulfilled and how to achieve that. Luckily, the brand’s many products are here to help.

Browse the many flower options, strains, pre-rolls, and cartridges for a one-way ticket to your ideal Flow. For more information about In The Flow, visit their website at

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