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Culture | 12.19.2023

Edibles & Beyond: Exploring Unique THC-Infused Products

The future of cannabis has arrived, and it's delicious.

Edibles have come a long way. Gone are the days when we had to munch on stale pot brownies, peppered with bits of bud, unevenly dosed, and stashed in your friend’s basement.

The market for cannabis-infused edibles is booming. Fairfield Market Research predicts that by 2030 the global edibles market, worth $9.6 billion in 2022, will be worth $27.2 billion. As the market continues to grow, so does the selection of edibles offered by fan-favorite brands, with plenty of new potent products surging in popularity. Even if you’re looking for mild potencies – the options are endless.

Read on to learn more about innovative edibles that have embraced the art of elevation. From precise dosing to culinary magic, we’ll dive into edibles and beyond!

What Is An Edible?

Edibles are consumable products infused with a dose of cannabinoids. They differ in form, ingredients, and potencies. They’re mostly known for providing an easy, smoke-free way of experiencing various cannabinoids. And with the many available options, we’re certain you’ll find your perfect match.

Edibles In History

Since the beginning of history, edibles have been one of the most preferred ways to use cannabis. 

Historians suspect that people in China drank cannabis-infused tea in the fifteenth century BC for its wellness benefits. Records also suggest that in India in 1000 BC, people were using bhang, a cannabis beverage, to sleep better and improve their appetite.

In the nineteenth century, Americans were relying on cannabis-infused candies and tinctures as medicinal aids. Unfortunately, they became illegal during the Prohibition era. But fast forward to today, many brands are offering high-quality edibles that keep you in the legal clear. That could be in a state with recreational cannabis or products that can be shipped nationwide due to their compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Benefits Of Edibles

The appeal of edibles throughout history has largely hinged on their convenience. They’re discreet, easy to obtain a buzz, and don’t leave a trail of dank wherever you go. Beyond that, they’re also praised for their precise doses and enjoyable consumption experience – from flavor to effects.

To this day, many people enjoy them for these same reasons. Because edibles can offer a potent and long-lasting dose of cannabinoids, they are especially appreciated by people seeking wellness benefits. Not to mention, they don’t have negative health effects on your lungs like smoking cannabis might.

Precise And Potent Dosing

One of the most important benefits of edibles is the ability to provide precise doses of cannabinoids. This greatly improves consumer experiences by providing more transparency around products and allowing consumers to be fully informed about the intensity of effects their chosen edible will provide.

You’ll often find edibles ranging from 2mg THC to 10mg THC, some even containing no THC at all. And yes, other cannabinoids like CBD and novel ones like CBG, THCA, and Delta-8 THC are also stamped on the label with accurate doses per milligram, so you know exactly what to expect.

Unique Edible Delights

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When people think about edibles, gummies tend to come to mind. This makes sense; after all, 74% of all edibles sold in the United States are gummies.

However, as cannabis technology advances, new edible products are becoming more popular, like THC drinks, THC snacks, and THC cuisine.

THC Drinks

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One of the hottest kinds of THC edibles is THC drinks, which range from juice and soda to seltzer and wine. THC beverages appeal to cannabis lovers as well as to people simply looking for a good buzz-inducing alternative to alcohol.

Like alcohol, THC drinks have fast-acting, euphoric effects. They make such a good alternative to alcohol that many bars, music venues, and festivals now offer THC drinks. The best part? They don’t provide the dreaded hangover the next day.

THC Snacks

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While THC edibles make you want to snack by causing the infamous munchies, consider snacking to jumpstart your THC experience. THC snacks include candy, chips, pretzels, and even cereal bars.

Whatever your favorite snack may be, there is a THC-infused version of it. Just keep in mind that however tasty and munchable a THC snack may be, it is also THC-infused. So set your preferred dosage and stick to it — don’t keep munching.

THC Cuisine

Showcased by reality TV shows like “Cooking on High” and “Bong Appétit,” high-end cannabis cuisine has become increasingly popular. In states where cannabis is legal, you can even dine at restaurants that offer cannabis-infused dishes. 

But you don’t have to go out to enjoy cannabis meals. There are plenty of cannabis cookbooks and cannabis recipes online to help you prepare THC-infused dishes from the comfort of your home.

The Future Of Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Crescent Canna

Edibles are, without a doubt, the future of cannabis. Their convenience and wellness benefits appeal to both veteran cannabis users and novices who feel more comfortable using it in the form of familiar products like drinks and snacks.

The U.S. edibles market will continue to grow exponentially, thanks to the accessibility of hemp-derived edibles in all states of the union, including states where marijuana itself is not yet legal. These federally legal edibles are available to adults throughout the country by remaining compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

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