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Culture | 02.24.2023

Experience Your Favorite Childhood Snacks With A Cannabis Twist, Courtesy Of Tasty’s

Tasty's cannabis edibles conjure the nostalgic and carefree moments of our youth, paired with a generous dose of THC.

What do you look for in an edible? Maybe it’s high potencies, THC:CBD ratios, or simply just good flavors. It doesn’t take much to impress an edible lover, but unfortunately, we’re let down way too often thanks to lackluster potencies and unpleasant flavors.

If you’re on the hunt for flavorful, powerful, and playful edibles that pack a delicious and potent punch, Tasty’s has the solution. They have over 20 solutions, in fact, all of which were designed to help you feel better more often. 

From gummies and hard candies to cookies, these full-spectrum edibles are infused with strain-specific live resin for a true-to-plant experience with nostalgic flavors from snacks reminiscent of your childhood. Read on for more information about Tasty’s and their fan-favorite edibles.

About Tasty's

Launched in Portland, Oregon, in 2018 by founder and CEO Garren Gammell, Tasty’s has since expanded from a 2-person brand with three cookies to employing over 30 people with more than 20 edible options. 

The brand has seen immense growth since launching, thanks to their simple, potent, and playful approach to ingestible cannabis. At Tasty’s, they strive to help you feel better more often. 

The passionate team of creators is dedicated to elevating the cannabis edible game to ensure our community has access to easy, straightforward doses and delicious flavors reminiscent of your favorite childhood snacks. Browse through gummies, fast-acting hard candies, and delicious cookies, all of which are:

  • Live resin-infused
  • Full-spectrum
  • Single source

See below for more information about Tasty’s potent and playful edibles.

A Lineup Of Tasty Edibles

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Tasty’s offers gummies, hard candies, and cookies, some of which contain CBD and others that are fast-acting and sublingual. Read on to learn more about these tasty treats.

Gummies: Tasty’s gummies come in packs of 10 or singles. The 10-pack features 10mg THC per gummy, but their singles contain a whopping 100mg THC for stoners who don’t want to dilly-dally. They span various flavors, available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options, with each bag containing specific strains like Papaya Punch, Gorilla Glue, and Agent Orange.

Hard Candies: Looking to feel the effects of THC faster than usual? Opt for Tasty’s hard candies, also available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options, with each bag containing specific strains like Lemon Meringue, Tangie, and Gorilla Glue. Let these candies dissolve in your mouth for about a minute, and prepare for liftoff.

Cookies: Last but certainly not least are Tasty’s scrumptious cookies, baked from classic cookie recipes but updated with a generous 100mg THC and 100mg CBD. Choose from Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options, not to mention specific strains like Cherry Chem, Tangie, and Papaya Punch. Each pack comes with one cookie, containing a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD with classic cookie flavors that deserve a glass of milk.

For more products and information about Tasty’s, visit their website at

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