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Find Weed-Inspired Birthday Cake Candles, Scented Candles, & Tealights At Highly Curated Candles

Elevate your celebrations with weed-inspired birthday cake candles and more.

The cannabis space is rapidly evolving. Gone are the days when we had to hide our consumption and shove our stash away to remain discreet.

Although certain regions still frown on cannabis, legalized countries and states are changing how society views cannabis through education, product development, and encouraging the community to have fun along the way.

Elevating your cannabis lifestyle could be as simple as using weed-inspired birthday cake candles or decorating your sesh space with dainty weed-themed tealights. But where can you find such specific items?

At Highly Curated Candles, they’re happy to elevate your celebrations while keeping your festivities on-brand with your consumption rituals. Learn more about the brand and their unique offerings below.

About Highly Curated Candles

Based in Los Angeles, Highly Curated Candles is a woman-led brand launched out of their “burning love for a plant and a good party,” reads their website.

Highly Curated Candles combines their love for cannabis with their admiration for good times by providing you with weed-themed candles for events or home decor. They create their products in small batches, and all candles are hand-poured using all-natural ingredients.

The team behind the brand has decades of experience in the cannabis industry, and they set out to create something original and unique that promotes fun and inclusivity. That started in 2019 with their Party Paraphernalia Blunt Candle, which was the world’s first blunt cake candle.

See more product additions and familiar favorites from Highly Curated Candles below.

On-Brand Celebrations

If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, your lifestyle should reflect it. Not that your personality revolves around cannabis, but holding a profound love and respect for this plant means celebrating it in any way possible, like adding them to your birthday cake.

The Party Paraphernalia 420 Novelty Blunt Cake Candles is an excellent entryway into Highly Curated Candles’ selection for blunt lovers. There is also a joint option, and various joint/blunt candles plus weed leaf candles in colors like green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, etc.

For decor, see their dainty T(HC) Lights and Upcycled Vintage 420 Smoking Pipe Candle. All candles are made from natural, biodegradable soy and hemp wax. They offer a clean burn with low-temperature flames, thanks to the hemp wick. Free of additives, the rolled hemp wicks can be swapped for beeswaxed or vegan-coated wicks upon request.

For more information about Highly Curated Candles, visit their website at

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