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Culture | 12.29.2022

Find Your Flow And Enhance Your Potential With ALT’s THC Beverage Enhancers

ALT lets you infuse any beverage with fast-acting THC.

How do you use cannabis? This versatile plant can be ingested in various ways. Although smoking has been the popular route over the years, consumers are quickly becoming more mindful of the downsides and adverse effects on their health. 

That explains the impressive number of alternative cannabis products like beveragesvaporizers, and edibles. However, products like edibles and beverages can be difficult to dose. Furthermore, consumers prefer products that kick in faster than typical edibles, which can take up to an hour to feel the effects. 

Perhaps you need something like ALT, a fast-acting THC beverage enhancer that lets you drop your dose into any beverage of your choice. See below for more information about ALT and their cutting-edge beverage enhancers. 


About ALT

ALT stands for Advanced Liquid Technology. The brand is proud to present a revolutionary form of premium liquid cannabis by fusing nature with science to Enhance Human Potential™.

ALT strives to help cannabis users and beginners consider alternative perspectives while promoting an exploratory, adventurous state of being. The brand is all about helping you find your flow while encouraging complete self-expression and recreational self-improvement.

ALT explains that being in the mental state of flow means being fully immersed in an activity while feeling energized, focused, and joyful with your self-expression. Simply put, the brand is only happiest when we are living and feeling our best.

ALT uses proprietary pharmaceutical-grade technology to produce high-quality liquid-compatible cannabis enhancers that can be poured into any beverage of your choice.

While there are plenty of cannabis beverages on the market, ALT lets you explore various options of how to drink your cannabis by empowering you to dose it through any beverage you desire.

Nature Meets Science

ALT’s beverage enhancers are made with the highest quality cannabis oil, distilled water, plant-based stabilizers, vitamins, and natural flavors. These sugar-free enhancers also use nanotechnology to help speed up the onset of effects. 

By making THC absorption more effective and faster, cannabis lovers are invited to find their bliss without compromising their health through other cannabis products like smokeables. ALT showcases the evolution of cannabis while dedicating it to health and wellness, helping cannabis users far and wide feel their best without coughing up a lung. 

These conveniently micro-dosed beverage enhancers are portable, discreet, and resealable, ensuring an effortless experience that shifts your perspective on what cannabis consumption means. 

Choose from options like the single dose 10mg Papaya Liquid Live Resin, or get multiple doses in one with the 250mg Lemon Lime Live Resin Beverage Enhancer. With plenty of options to choose from, finding your perfect dose has never been easier. 

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