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Culture | 11.13.2023

10 Trippy Music Videos To Watch While You’re Stoned

These music videos are a one-way ticket to space.

Music and weed go hand in hand. A quality playlist is essential for your sessions. 

But who doesn’t love a trippy music video for added euphoria? While stoned, there’s something about watching a gripping music video on a flat-screen TV that just hits different. 

If you’re searching for a set of dope music videos to get lost in, we’ve got you covered. 

Below, we’ve listed our top 10 trippy music videos along with a strain to enhance the visual and auditory experience. 

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"N95" - Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick really didn’t have to go this hard, but he’s done it again.

The masterful rapper just dropped the insane music video for his track “N95.” In this heavy-hitting visual project, he floats above the sea, runs from a mob, sits beside a fatal car accident, and so much more.

Spark your energy with an uplifting Sativa like Jack Herer, which might inspire you to learn Kendrick’s bars off by heart.

"Never Be Like You" - Flume

Float through memories and passion with Flume’s woozy music video for “Never Be Like You.”

This song slaps the negativity away, but the music video takes an intense look at hazy post-breakup isolation.

Put any negative thoughts to rest with a blissful and relaxing strain like Purple Punch, a sleepy Indica.

"Raingurl" - Yaeji

Everyone needs a little groove in their lives. Producer and recording artist Yaeji is a badass who knows how to put on quite the party. Catch the cloudy vibes in her music video for “Raingurl.” The scene is so drippy she even needs an umbrella.

Keep your body moving with a powerhouse Sativa strain like Blue Dream, sharpening the mind and body with stimulating effects.

"L$D" - A$AP Rocky

If you haven’t lost yourself in the visual world of Rocky’s music video for “L$D,” you’re missing out.

While roaming the New York streets tripping on LSD, Rocky searches for love, sex, and dreams among the flashing lights and distorted effects.

Keep your spirits high yet relaxed with a tender Hybrid strain like Gelato, sweetening your days with potent hits.

"Locket" - Crumb

It doesn’t get much better than the stoney gathering feel of Crumb’s music video for “Locket.”

This hazy and euphoric tune offers listeners a sense of intimacy, and the music video amplifies that with morphed effects and a wholesome feel.

For a music video so zen, experience it with a calming and flavourful Indica strain like Ice Cream Cake.

"Hometown" - French 79

If you’re a fan of conceptual music videos, you’ll love the visual storytelling in French 79’s “Hometown” video.

This is another wholesome experience that reminds viewers to cherish where they come from and how much we’ve evolved.

Do some inner reflecting with help from a balanced and complex Hybrid strain like OG Kush.

"Butterfly Effect" - Travis Scott

We give props to Travis for always creating the dopest music video. It helps that he’s puffing on some mad blunts throughout the experience. T

his music video is a trip and a half, from light-speed cars to exhaling butterflies.

If you really want to feel the trip, opt for an intense Indica like Granddaddy Purple, sending the user into a dreamy state within seconds.

"On My Knees" - RÜFÜS DU SOL

Looks like there’s rain up ahead, or maybe it’s just the foggy effects of RÜFÜS DU SOL’s music video for “On My Knees.” The video takes a dark and mysterious look at the group’s live performances drenched in red lights, fog, and crisp edits.

Stimulate the senses and reach euphoria with a Sativa like Sour Diesel, fuelling you with enough energy to dance all night long.

"Love It If We Made It" - The 1975

The 1975 are another group known to bring top-notch visual content.

This trippy and well-edited music video takes us through the struggles of modern people with crisp edits and surreal lighting.

It’s quite a cathartic experience.

Release all stress with a calming Indica strain like Hindu Kush, helping you achieve a calm and cool state of mind.

"Come A Little Closer" - Cage The Elephant

This track is an oldie but a goodie. Cage The Elephant never fails to produce some quality visual content to stimulate the mind.

This animated music video sees the boys roaming through a cartoon world of hallucinations as real-life people.

Enhance those hallucinations with a punchy Indica strain like 91 Krypt. Just beware, this strain is very potent and will weigh you down with relaxation.

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