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High Culture: 10 Dispensaries Creating The Apple Store Of Weed

These dispensaries are breaking the market with their incredible designs, quality products, and innovation.

You can’t cover the sun with a finger, the weed market is rising, and technology and design are its allies.

From luxury vaporizers to innovative devices that make every smoking session more efficient, cannabis brands combine technology and design with weed to amaze their users.

Today there is a boom of innovative tech companies and startups reimagining how the weed industry does business and appealing to its growing base of regular consumers.

The spaces where weed is purchased are not far behind, revamped and reimagined to be even more inviting and pleasing.

Cannabis, Technology & Desing

Consumers expect to buy their favorite strains, edibles, or oils in the most convenient way possible, which means websites or apps with excellent new operating systems or dispensaries with eye-catching designs that make you want to linger.

Websites, order coordination, marketing automation, use of AI to optimize business, innovative products, cultivation management systems, and many more prove that technology and cannabis work very well together. Even in physical stores, technology makes life easier for consumers, making them want to come back for more.

Gone are the days of buying your favorite weed in a dark and suspicious place or even on the street as a criminal deal. The new generation of dispensaries has nothing to envy the best stores in the world, like Apple. They are well-lit, with large, well-decorated spaces, and they inspire confidence and the desire to come back again and again.

Meet the dispensaries that are creating the Apple Store of weed.


Photo courtesy of MedMen

We can’t talk about this list without starting with MedMen. Self-proclaimed as the “Apple Store of cannabis,” this company knows what it’s doing.

The overall store design has nothing to envy to any Apple store. It is innovative, spacious, and minimalist. It features bright white walls, exposed brick, minimalist displays, modern packaging, and touchscreen menus.

Its tech-centric approach makes your experience seamless, with assistants available to answer any questions or concerns. A true technological and design experience.

Salvera MD

Photo courtesy of Salvera MD

Salvera MD‘s dispensary is reminiscent of a famous couture jewelry store, but the green gems you see are cannabis flowers of the highest quality.

Salvera is a unique and innovative medical cannabis dispensary. It is dedicated to providing patient-centered care in a safe, knowledgeable, and welcoming environment.

Rich woods, plush textures, and intricate tiles lend to the feeling of grandeur and majesty, while deep, saturated blues and greens boldly punctuate the space. Salvera MD is a true jewel in its own right.

The Artist Tree

Photo courtesy of The Artist Tree

Combine a dispensary with an art gallery and event space, and you have The Artist Tree. This brand provides safe access to legal cannabis while at the same time showcasing artists in the community.

The Artist Tree is a learning center for all things cannabis. The Artist Tree has partnered with local artists to showcase rotating exhibitions in their stores and lounges. It is a combination of art and cannabis.

The Pottery

Photo courtesy of The Pottery

The word minimalist is embodied in this dispensary. High quality and luxurious atmosphere are the hallmarks of The Pottery.

They also have an expert staff, also known as “budtenders”, who are ready to answer all your questions about cannabis.

Interested in a famous strain? Here you will easily find Bella Thorne’s Forbidden Flowers and JayZ’s Caliva.

Silver Peak

Photo courtesy of Silver Peak

Silver Peak is a dispensary that resembles a luxury ski lodge, the kind we only know about in the movies.

It is a dispensary so well decorated and organized that it mimics the Gucci, Prada, and Ralph Lauren stores.

The woody design, the well-distributed tables and products, and the warm attention make this dispensary unique.


Photo courtesy of Stiiizy

The whole space of this dispensary is really crazy. Not only does it function as a dispensary, but it is also a pop-up art gallery inside a futuristic space capsule.

The decor includes collectibles from famous artists, lights in different directions, graphic art projected with LEDs, and finishes of different colors. Overall the minimalist space is quite appealing to the eye.

Technology and minimalism permeates all areas of STIIIZY, from its dispensary to the design of its renowned vapes. It also sells luxury cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, and extracts.


Photo courtesy of Sherbinsksis

Sherbinsksis is located in the trendy Fairfax district of Los Angeles.

You will find Sherbinskis’ signature orange letters, placed in front of lush foliage, inviting you to enter the spectacular store where you will find a variety of high-quality products as well as luxury items and merchandise.

Diego Pellicer

Photo courtesy of Diego Pellicer

Also known as the most elegant dispensary chain, this brand knows what it’s doing when it comes to luxury.

Diego Pellicer promises competitive prices in a luxurious setting. Its design includes sophisticated plush carpeting, finely placed wooden boxes, tin ceilings, and sophisticated design throughout the dispensary.

Dispensary 33

Photo courtesy of Dispensary 33

There is something inevitably appealing about this dispensary. It is a beautiful place, everything seems to be put in its place with the utmost delicacy and well thought out.

The large windows, white bricks, hexagonal boxes, and lots of light wood give that feeling of well-being that we are looking for with cannabis. In addition, there are murals drawn on the walls that we found amazing.


Photo courtesy of Brwnbox

The minimalist aesthetic of Brwnbox has left us open-mouthed.

The exposed brick walls, mismatched Ferguson bulbs, and sleek leather stools give Brwnbox a sensual, industrial feel.

Its design is inspired by an art gallery, you won’t find any furniture along the way, just large, perfectly matched shelves filled with the best cannabis products and accessories.

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