Best Cannabis Tech of 2021

There's no doubt that technology has permeated every industry in some way or another. Cannabis for example has seen lots of progress and significant innovations. Here's our pick for the best ones of this year.

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There’s practically no industry in the world that hasn’t been impacted by technology, and cannabis is no stranger. Year after year, cannabis companies present innovative, technologically backed products and services that go beyond the bud itself and involve anything that has to do with the cannabis world.

With the current legalization trend that has normalized cannabis in many places, companies have doubled down on those efforts to continually bring new and fresh products into the market and into the billion-dollar industry that is now cannabis.

We know that tech is a fast-paced industry, that new products are coming every day into the market, and that it’s hard to keep up with everything. That’s why we went ahead and prepared this selection of the best cannabis tech of 2021.

The Best Cannabis Tech Of 2021

The Invincibowl

Photo courtesy of Invincibowl.

The number one spot of our list goes to this device that is the future of bong smoking. We can bet that every single person who has ever owned or used a glass bong has had to deal with one issue: a broken bowl. The Invincibowl is here to put an end to it and improve the bong-smoking experience for newbies and experts alike. It is a device that’s easy to use, that will work with any 14mm bong, and more importantly, it will never break. This 2-inch device’s shell is entirely made of anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, practically unbreakable, scratch-proof, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.



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The insides of the Invincibowl are made of stainless steel. The wide-mouthed sleeve can hold up to one gram of weed that will burn evenly, providing maximum efficiency. The secured-screen will give you adequately filtered smoke and can work through more than 20 fully smoked bowls without clogging, four times more than any other screen available. Plus, it is super easy to remove and replace when needed. The handle screws itself to the screen to ensure sturdiness and is covered with a silicone Grip Guard that absorbs heat and will remain cool for the user to hold.

Photo courtesy of Invincibowl.

All-in-all, the Invincibowl is where top-quality materials and engineering come together to change bong smoking forever.

The Invincipole

Photo courtesy of Invincipole.

Here’s another device that’s gonna make your smoking experiences better in every way. The Invincipole is an anodized aluminum stem that is engineered to fit in most glassware smoking devices. This unbreakable device puts an end to broken glass stems while at the same time filters your smoke. Definitely something that can be enjoyed by newbies and long time cannabis users alike as well as in-house and outdoor smokers. The Invincipole uses telescoping technology that allows it to fit almost any 18mm bong and fits any length between 3 to 5 ¾ inches. And even if you don’t know the length of your downstem, simply adjust the Invincipole by expanding or contracting it until it fits in perfectly.

In addition to its versatility and durability, the Invincipole will also improve the quality of your smoke thanks to its multiple holed percolator diffuser, its stainless steel screen, and its sealed and directed air path. The result is a cleaner, tastier smoke that’s gonna take your smoking experience to the next level. To make the experience even better, use it with the Invincibowl. Both of them come in five dynamic colors that you can match and fit to your personality.

OTTO by Banana Bros

best weed grinders otto

This device is here to prove that the perfect joint can be made in a matter of seconds, and it’s only one click away. OTTO uses technology and artificial intelligence to improve and ease the joint rolling process. With the OTTO, a cone, and your weed, you will be able to get a perfect, tight, slow-burning joint in seconds. The OTTO is composed of two pieces: an electric grinder lid and a cone holder base. The grinder lid, with its artificial intelligence, will analyze your bud and see if it’s sticky, moist, dry, or full of stems. Then, it will adjust itself to the consistency and texture of the bud and use a specific pressure, speed, and direction to grind it. Press start and see how a perfectly ground weed fills and packs the cone under it. After that, just close the cone and get ready for smoke time.

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Tarik T-Rex Rosin Press

If you are an experienced cannabis user who likes to experiment, here’s a device that’s perfect for you. This electric rosin press is a super durable, top-quality, easy to use device that will help you make your own cannabis oils and concentrates without any toxic flammable solvents. The tabletop T-Rex looks and works pretty much like a panini press. To use it, simply plug it in and choose your desired heat on its LCD screen. When it has reached the selected temperature, just place your buds on the metal surface, close it, and push down as hard as you can. The pressure and heat combined will literally squish out the rosin from the bud, keeping in the cannabinoids and terpenes. After a few minutes open it up again, wait for it to cool down and scrape the rosin from it, you are now free to smoke it however you want.

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Lobo Genetics DNA Test

Photo courtesy of Lobo Genetics.

Here’s a technological innovation that is after the health and wellbeing of all cannabis consumers. This is the only item on our list that is not a physical product but a service. One universal truth about weed is that it affects everyone differently, and it is all in the DNA. That’s why the people at Lobo Genetics came up with an on-demand DNA analysis service that aims to inform people about their possible reactions to cannabinoids, ultimately seeking healthier use by everyone. With their service, you can understand your sensitivity to THC or CBD, if there’s any mental risk factors or any memory-loss proneness if you consume cannabis. A service for the people that ultimately wants everyone to have a healthy and responsible relationship with cannabis.

Mighty Fast Infuser

This home herbal infuser is the best device available for making homemade cannabis-infused products. When it comes to edibles, most people tend to buy them from somebody else, in a transaction based on trust and belief that the product is high quality but without knowing what’s in it. This device was created with the belief that everyone should be able to produce their own edibles and know precisely what’s in them. The Mighty Fast Infuser is designed after extensive research on the exact times and temperatures required for the best cannabis infusion and brought it together into this simple, ergonomic, easy-to-use device. To use it, just add the ingredients in it and press the power button. Time will vary depending on what you are making, but in at least one hour, you can get a cannabis-infused oil that’s ready for consumption. It will be your best friend in the kitchen for cannabis cooking.

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tCheck 2

A must-have device for all cannabis chefs and cannabis edibles fans. The tCheck 2 is a small device that will test your cannabis infusions as well as your buds and concentrates and tell you how much cannabinoids are in them. In other words, it will show you how strong your weed is. Using the tCheck 2 is extremely simple: Turn on the device and pair it with the tCheck App on your smartphone. Then, take out the tray and put in a few drops of your concentrate, your oil, or a small piece of your bud before sliding it in the device. After a few minutes, you will see on your smartphone the results of the analysis. Besides letting you know the potency of your product, the tCheck 2 can also be customized to your preferences and your recipes. Get this device, and never worry about getting too high ever again. 

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7Pipe Pro

Photo courtesy of 7Pipe.

The latest tech gadget for pipe lovers that’s the perfect device for on-the-go smokers. What makes this product great is the built-in lighter that makes the smoking process even simpler. The 7Pipe Pro is small enough to fit in one hand and is designed to be used with one hand only. Simply uncover your packed bowl and press the ignition button to get a hit. You can control it with the flame adjusting knob and by regulating the airflow with the carb. The pipe itself is made out of stainless steel with a rubber mouthpiece, both designed for durability. A simple, discreet, and effective self-lighting pipe that adds a new level of portability and convenience to pipe smoking.


Photo courtesy of VapeCase.

Your vaporizer and cellphone all in one device. The vape case is a smartphone case that has an oil vaporizer inside of it. This is a perfect device for regular on-the-go vapers because it brings together two must-have devices for anyone leaving the house: a vaporizer and a smartphone. Besides the convenient combination of the two devices, the VapeCase also protects your smartphone with its silicone, keeping it scratch-free and providing a cushion in case you drop it. The VapeCase comes with a 2000mAh 3.7v Li-ion battery that will last enough for a whole day of use and can be easily charged with a Mini USB cable. To use it, simply attach your phone to it and press five times on its power button to start heating it up. Choose from any of its four temperature levels and start vaping.

Active Eye Universal Smartphone Microscope

A microscope that you can attach to your smartphone. This 60x microscope can be clipped to any smartphone and is ideal for viewing the tiny details of the plant and the bud. Use this to look at the trichomes and the overall state of your flower. The Active Eye Universal Smartphone Microscope is excellent for anyone who grows his own weed and needs to continually check for pests and diseases in the plant. Also, for the regular smoker who just wants to take a closer look at the bud before buying or consuming it. It also comes with a built-in light to ensure ideal lighting at any given moment or place. A compact, lightweight gadget that any cannabis enthusiast can enjoy.

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Photo courtesy of RayWear.

Innovation for cannabis growers. This US-made clothing company came up with a line of products that provide the highest level of skin protection against UV rays and radiation from the sun as well as indoor lighting. Besides being dermatologically approved for its skin protection, the RayWear products are made out of a comfortable, durable, and breathable fabric, perfect for long days of work. Most people tend to undermine the harmful effects of UV light when the reality is that exposure to this type of rays can lead to premature aging, ocular damage, and immune-system suppression, without mentioning skin cancer. That’s why RayWear came up, offering twice the protection level of regular growth gear and more than basic anti-UV clothes. A must-have for anyone who cultivates the herb.

June 16, 2020 — Last Updated December 31, 2020
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June 16, 2020 — Last Updated December 31, 2020
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