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Culture | 08.08.2022

High Culture: Lil Wayne’s Cannabis Brand & Passion Project, GKUA

GKUA promises to help you experience "the best high of your life."

Why do you use weed? Maybe it’s to relax after a long day or help you get some quality shut-eye at night.

For rapper, hip-hop recording artist, and entrepreneur Lil Wayne, he uses the plant to get creative. “I used to just want to get high. Now I smoke to get inspired,” said Weezy in a press release.

In 2019, he decided to bring that message to the masses with his own ultra-premium cannabis brand, GKUA. Wayne says that “With GKUA, I’m sharing a feeling that I love.”

About GKUA

Photo courtesy of GKUA

The brand was born out of a love for the inspirational effects of cannabis. And it wasn’t just created for musically inclined individuals, but for

  • Fashion designers
  • Models
  • Dancers
  • Screenwriters
  • Directors
  • Videographers
  • Visual artists
  • Anyone with a creative bone in their body

GKUA first came to life thanks to co-founder and president Beau Golob, who ditched his 9-5 in tech for the cannabis industry. Golob told Forbes how Lil Wayne inspired him to make the brand a true reflection of artistic culture, especially hip-hop culture.

“He wants to share [inspiration] with other people. We wanted to offer consumers the ability to partake in the culture,” said Golob.

Tunechi also told the magazine how, “If anything is worth selling, it’s art and weed. For me, GKUA is a passion project that lets me share more of what I love in life.”

Now, GKUA strives to help consumers tackle their own creative process through its many products that also incorporate a hip-hop vibe or aesthetic into the branding.

Having a different, inspirational outlook on the creative process coincides with the brand’s slogan, “The Best High of Your Life.”

Products & Locations

Photo courtesy of GKUA

Since its establishment in 2019, GKUA has launched its products in the following five states;

  • California
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Oklahoma
  • Colorado

If you’re looking for a dispensary near you that carries GKUA’s products, check out the brand’s Weezy Weed Finder.

Some of the brand’s top-selling products include;

  • GKUA Ultra-Premium Flower: Carefully sourced from seasoned cultivators, GKUA’s limited and potent strains will let you experience “The Best High of Your Life.”
  • GKUA Ultra-Premium Battery Technology: GKUA is happy to bless consumers with a state-of-the-art ceramic heating element with optimal design and efficiency.
  • GKUA THC Vape: GKUA’s many different THC vapes use the highest quality cannabis strains to create an ultra-potent THC concentrate for vaping.
  • GKUA Ultra-Premium Concentrates: When you want to dab it up, prepare for liftoff with GKUA’s Ultra-Premium Concentrates. Each concentrate is derived from wickedly high THC strains to create a strong high you won’t forget.

For more information about Lil Wayne’s cannabis brand and passion project, check out its website at

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