Culture | 10.02.2022

High Culture: Shawn “Clown” Crahan, Slipknot’s Co-Founder, Wants To Demystify Cannabis Through His Brand, Clown Cannabis

Mixing cannabis and heavy metal? A winning combination if you ask us.

Well, for all the metalheads of the world -and cannabis lovers- we have good news. Shawn “Clown” Crahan, known for being the co-founder of Slipknot, the famous heavy metal band, has launched his brand of cannabis called Clown Cannabis.

About Clown Cannabis

The Clown Cannabis brand is part of who Shawn Crahan is himself. It’s an extension of his desire to make people aware of the plant’s health benefits. 

For Clown, the cannabis plant is extraordinary. We believe it is partly because of this open-minded thinking about the virtues of cannabis that he partnered with Hollister Cannabis Co. and Heavy Grass to create his HashBone line, which has been a real hit with cannabis and heavy metal connoisseurs.

There is one undeniable truth: The Slipknot percussionist has been a strong advocate of cannabis for years and is a firm believer in its health benefits, physical and mental.

Whenever possible, he has argued that cannabis is great medicine, not to mention that it helps foster creative processes in people. He is a true admirer of the green goddess and its benefits, which is reflected in the brand he has created.

This brand is the ideal combination of heavy metal and cannabis in an authentic and close way.

About The Pre-Rolls

Clown Cannabis’s first smokable product is the HashBone line of hash-infused pre-rolled joints.

The packs include six half-gram pre-rolls that come with a set of matches, all inside a black, soft case that is designed with original artwork from the band, especially their iconic Slipknot mask.

Each cigarette contains 75% indica flower and 25% Paradise Citrus bubble hash. The THC potency of these pre-rolls is beyond belief, reaching an incredible 40%.

Overall, they are potent! Very potent indeed. In true Clown style, these pre-rolls are designed to make you lose your mind as you melt into the couch.

The joints are only available in California, so out-of-state residents have to make a pilgrimage to try one of these bad boys. But let us tell you, it’s worth it.

What's In Clown Cannabis Pre-Rolls?

These potent little guys are composed of basically two strains: Blue Zkittlez and Paradise Citrus. Forget about solvents and pesticides; these pre-rolls are the epitome of potency and quality.

Blue Zkittlez offers a terpene profile of sour citrus, sweet earth, and wildflowers. 

Blue Zkittlez offers a combination of strong physical effects and an uplifting mental high that make it a perfect end-of-day strain and a good complement for people struggling with stress, restlessness, and pain.

Paradise Citrus brings full-body effects, filling your cerebral and physical state with a relaxing and calming feel that permeates your being. 

When you smoke one of these pre-rolls, you can expect the high to start in the head with a subtle lift, filling the mind with happiness that expands and grows, expelling any negative or racing thoughts and replacing them with a sense of intoxicating bliss. 

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