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Culture | 07.25.2022

High Culture: Streetwear Brand TRUE To Walk Its First-Ever Runway In Colombiamoda

Colombian streetwear brand TRUE will walk the first-ever runway on Medellín's iconic highway bridge, "Puente De La 4 Sur," for Colombiamoda.

What started as an expressive and artistic ninth grader blossomed into one of Colombia’s hottest and most welcoming streetwear brands.

For the 22 beating hearts behind TRUE, they’re on a mission to inspire and empower people to express their own identities.

If you’ve ever struggled to find clothing that truly represents your personal identity, you’re not alone. Colombia’s fluid streetwear brand TRUE came to life out of frustration with the lack of expressive clothing available at retail stores.

About TRUE

Photo courtesy of True

When creative director and founder of TRUE, Daniela Valencia, was in the ninth grade, she began painting on t-shirts and selling them on Facebook. After realizing there was a market for her unique streetwear designs, TRUE was born a few years later.

Valencia explains that she was thrilled to create a brand that was “influenced by that fluid, urban spirit.” Now, TRUE is an authentic, original, and urban brand that doesn’t fall into temporary trends, but sets trends that will stand the test of time.

Back in April, Herb and TRUE teamed up for a collaboration based on our shared love for freedom of expression and living an authentic, original lifestyle. And now, TRUE is leveling up once again with its first-ever runway in Colombia’s “New York Fashion Week,” Colombiamoda.

The First Fashion Runway On Puente De La 4 Sur

Each year, Colombia holds its highly anticipated fashion-centric event that could be described as fashion week in Paris or New York City.

Colombiamoda (or Colombia Moda) takes place in the city of Medellín and features some of the most prominent and popular Latin American brands and designers around the country.

For the first time ever, TRUE will make its runway debut during this year’s Colombiamoda. Not only that, but TRUE’s runway will take place on the iconic highway bridge in Medellín, Puente De La 4 Sur.

You’ve probably seen this legendary highway in Colombian sitcoms and international major motion pictures. Off-screen, the highway is often used for annual pride parades, military parades, and even riots between citizens and authorities.

We’ve never seen a fashion show take Puente de la 4 Sur by storm, until now. TRUE’s runway, It Was All A Dream / The True Walkers, is in partnership with Johnnie Walker, the makers of some TRUEly fine scotch.

The event will take place tomorrow, July 26, and we should expect to see a mix of recent collections alongside new pieces ready to launch in the second half of 2022.

The vibe is an energetic, vibrant, pop aesthetic with flashy and bold colors that present an even more modern spin on their already contemporary attire.

Although many of TRUE’s collections feature genderless oversized silhouettes, the brand is excited to explore more fitted cuts and materials for all genders.

But, of course, we should expect many homages to TRUE’s birthplace, the city of Medellín. The legendary runway will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, July 26, and will only be available to watch via Instagram livestream.

You can find the livestream tomorrow on TRUE’s Instagram page or locate the available livestream link through Herb’s Instagram page once it’s in full swing.

For additional information, check out TRUE’s website at

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