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10 Best Casual Streetwear Brands To Know In 2024

Streetwear is a style that is here to stay.

Streetwear is the term used to describe everyday clothing or clothing that has a more casual and sporty style. Its origins can be linked to skateboarders and the urban environment, usually associated with long, baggy silhouettes, as well as graphic tee styles, hoodies, hats, sneakers, and certain types of jeans. 

It is undeniable that fashion changes and adapts to the requirements of the market, and sometimes the limits between one thing and another are distorted. In fact, what we used to call “streetwear” and haute couture are increasingly blurred and have even come together in extraordinary brands. 

Here’s a compilation of some of the best streetwear brands in the world today and why they’re worth checking out.

True x Herb

True is the Colombian leader in streetwear and cultural representation, creating genderless streetwear to promote diversity, love, color, and freedom of expression. 

The True x Herb collection is full of fashion and cannabis attire in the best streetwear style. Designed to allow people to represent themselves through modern and stylish streetwear that gets attention.

The collaboration was created to promote the proper and responsible use of cannabis and its countless benefits. Their designs are special, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion. 


Photo courtesy of Supreme

This is probably one of the brands that first comes to mind when someone thinks of streetwear. And the fact is that through hard work and good marketing, they have made a place for themselves in the fashion world.

This popular New York brand created by James Jebbia revolutionized the supply and demand model by introducing “drops” as a way to launch new products in very limited quantities. More than customers, they have fans who support the brand even with its craziest ideas.

A Bathing Ape

Photo courtesy of Bape

Also known as Bape, it is a very popular brand in the celebrity world. This Japanese brand has consistently offered the most stylish, fresh, and eye-catching graphics since 1993. Its iconic products are perennial bestsellers.

The colorful and flamboyant brand of DJ and fashion designer Nigo has long served as a benchmark for streetwear. 

Brain Dead

Photo courtesy of Brain Dead

This brand was created by Kyle Ng as a creative collective of artists and designers from around the world.  

Brain Dead has become one of the most popular brands, collaborating on highly coveted pieces that incorporate the brand’s doodles and graphics.


Photo courtesy of Undercover

This Japanese brand has a long history, existing for more than twenty years, and has always been characterized by its clear streetwear style.  

Undercover, Jun Takahashi’s brand was part of Tokyo’s Ura-Harajuku scene and was one of the first brands to cross streetwear with fashion. 

Takahashi’s creations feature a variety and styles, from conservative garments to extravagant designs.


Photo courtesy of Kith

Created by New York sneaker scene legend Ronnie Fieg, Kith is first and foremost an icon of the urban apparel genre.

The brand has become a streetwear phenomenon in its own right thanks to various collaborations with high-profile companies such as New Balance and Nike, but also with major artists and even architects. Kith has a successful clothing line, which includes hoodies, crews, shirts, and everything in between. 

Awake NY

Photo courtesy of Awake NY

Awake NY is a brand created by the great Angelo Baque. Its growth has been exponential since its beginning in 2013. The designs are different and unique.

Awake NY is a brand that, besides being an icon in the area of streetwear, is a company with social commitment; they have taken on the task of helping in different situations, always putting the community first. Awake’s beautiful campaigns show us the diverse cultures that make up New York City.

Heron Preston

Photo courtesy of Heron Preston

Heron Preston is an artist, creative director, content creator, clothing designer, and DJ who has become a cultural phenomenon and launched his eponymous brand in 2017. 

Preston has worked in the industry for many years, hand-in-hand with even the most prominent names. He was able to see first-hand the effects of pollution and subsequently became an advocate for sustainability and improved environmental manufacturing practices. 

His incredible designs include bombers, hoodies, and utilitarian pants directly inspired by workwear silhouettes.



Photo courtesy of Stussy

If we are going to talk about streetwear, we must talk about Stüssy. This brand could easily be the beginning of this famous style, and we owe it to the Californian surfer Shawn Stussy and his line of graphic t-shirts that started in 1980.

Today the brand has managed to stay at the forefront, and its streetwear collections continue to break the market.


Photo courtesy of XLarge

XLarge is a pioneering American streetwear brand. It was founded by Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman in 1991.

The XLarge clothing brand is a true reflection of its environment and the Los Angeles lifestyle. Their designs stem from workwear, vintage, skateboarding, and musical influences. 

Iconic for its famous Gorilla logo, XLarge has permeated streetwear culture around the world.

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