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Culture | 03.01.2023

High Supply: Quality Cannabis Products For Connoisseurs

Get high on this premium supply.

The life of a cannabis connoisseur can be challenging. Weeding through brands and products to find something up to your standards isn’t a walk in the park.

You need a supply you can rely on for epic highs time and again. Sounds like what you need is High Supply, the choice of connoisseurs. This premium brand knows its way around good bud. Not only that, but they provide all the smokable and vapable products you could imagine, and they do it in style. 

See below for more information about High Supply and a few of our product recommendations. Get yours now and experience how High Supply is changing the weed game for the better.

About High Supply

High Supply has what you need to experience life to the fullest. The team behind the brand are “experience collectors” who carefully curate their product selection to ensure enjoyable and unmatched sessions.

They offer high-quality weed that’s always available when you need it. Choose from the brand’s Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid options, spanning product formats like:

  • Vape Carts
  • Vape Pens
  • Flower
  • Popcorn
  • Shake
  • Pre-Rolls
  • Shorties
  • Concentrates

High Supply is happy to provide the sidekick to your daily life. Whether you’re getting ready for bed or out on the town, High Supply prides itself on providing peak moments of satisfaction whenever you need it. 

This is weed for weed lovers. Always lab tested and available in bulk and single-serve options, finding your new favorite product is effortless. See our recommendations from High Supply below.

Get High On This Supply

Photo By High Supply / Instagram

This brand has everything the cannabis connoisseur needs. Whether you’re a dedicated dabber, a vivacious vaper, or a flower fan, High Supply has something for you. Check out our favorites from the brand below.

Flower: The flower at High Supply is the star of the show. The brand also offers pre-ground shake and popcorn (weed in bulk). However, for true connoisseurs who adore ripping apart big, dense, full-sized nugs, High Supply’s flower is your new go-to. It’s machine trimmed and available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options. Choose from 14g, 7g, or 3.5g and get to puffin’.

Vape Pens: Looking for convenience and potency in one? High Supply’s Vape Pens will do the trick. These pens contain 100% high-THC cannabis oil and live cannabis terpenes for a true-to-plant experience and the naturally occurring entourage effect. No additives or fillers whatsoever, High Supply’s pens are affordable, potent, and contain unique live strain blends for maximum flavor and effects. Available in 500mg and 300mg options.

Shorties: There’s nothing like a quick shortie sesh to get you buzzing when you need it most. High Supply also offers full-gram pre-rolls, but their shorties are perfect for solo sessions after (or before) a long day. These 7 0.5g joints sit in sleek packaging reminiscent of a vintage cigarette pack but with a contemporary and minimalist cannabis twist.

For more products and information about High Supply, visit their website at

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