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Culture | 08.17.2022

HITOKI: The World’s First Laser-Beam Bong

Who needs a lighter when you have laser combustion?

Tired of your boring old bong and want to opt for a healthier and modern smoking experience? Enter Hitoki’s Trident and fire the laser.

This innovative and futuristic bong is ready to bring your smoking experience out of this world with its laser technology that safely combusts dry herbs to produce quality smoke.

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Hitoki is a brand inspired by passion and imagination; they’re constantly reinventing their creations to encourage healthy, durable, and reliable herbal use. Their new cutting-edge laser device, The Trident, enables the consumer to up their expectations in terms of cannabis technology, innovation, and overall wellness. This luxury and long-lasting bong is meant to create a smoking experience like no other.

The device may look a tad intimidating, but it’s one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use products for safe, effective, and modern herbal consumption. The Trident features water filtration, multiple power settings, safety interlocks, and fast USB charging for up to 280+ uses on a single charge. If cared for properly, The Trident’s laser can last over 5,000 hours.

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

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How To Use

How might you go about using this beast of a bong? Start by adding water to the lower chamber, then load the inner chamber with your favorite dry herb. When you’re ready to get puffing, tap the single power button twice (on top of the device) to activate the cutting-edge laser. You’ll hear a wooshing noise, but don’t worry because this is the laser combusting your dry herbs once the water chamber gets cloudy (like a regular bong). Inhale the smoke using the silicone hose for a flavorful and easy pull that won’t irritate the throat.

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

The Trident is built using aircraft-grade aluminum and comes with a LED power level indicator to ensure that the bong is getting the proper care it needs. The laser water bong will be delivered in a protective box along with its variety of accessories. The Trident is available in three different colors: black, rose gold, and 24k gold, which can be selected in the dropdown menu upon ordering.


Inside The Box

Inside the box, you’ll receive the Trident bong, a high output adapter, loading chamber, silicone hookah hose, hose connector, USB charging cable, and a metal compressor. Although the device is relatively expensive, it’s one of the most innovative, healthiest, and visually appealing devices on the market.

You can find The Trident through online retailers like Grasscity (which carries The Trident in black) or opt for the other colors (rose gold and 24k gold) on Hitoki’s website

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