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Honeydew Farms Specializes In Clean, Eco-Conscious California Cannabis

Ever wondered why Honeydew Farms has such good weed? Take a look at its thorough cultivation process.

About Honeydew Farms

Impressively, Honeydew Farms was the first licensed and permitted cannabis farm in Humboldt County.

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely eager to find out why Honeydew Farms’ weed is unmatched. For starters, its sacred 600-acre farm is located in the Mattole Valley in the foothills of the Lost Coast’s Kings Range.

This location is known for its unique micro-climate, where the days are scorcher and the nights cool off. Even more interesting are the various cultivation sites on its farms that sit at different elevations, from 200 feet to 900 feet. The result is distinct and palpable differences from batch to batch.

This unique climate, paired with the team’s expertise in cultivation, brings you some of the best medical cannabis worldwide. Besides weather, the team at Honeydew Farms sees itself as stewards of its historic farm, prompting them to ensure their operations are environmentally conscious.

Cannabis Grown With Care

Although the farm is surrounded by an abundance of natural water from the Mattole River, Honeydew Creek, and Beartrap Creek, Honeydew Farms never sources this water for its cannabis cultivation.

Furthermore, the team only selects the best organic amendments to create its living, healthy soil, which is later reused. The result is nutrient-rich, thriving, and clean soil that grows the finest pesticide-free and lab-tested medical cannabis.

Honeydew Farms also offers cultivation services, but in terms of products, you must try its various flower options and pre-rolls. Maybe you have a dispensary and want to share these fine botanicals with your customers; lucky enough, Honeydew Farms sells its products wholesale.

Hopefully, we made your next visit to the dispensary a little less stressful. For more information about Honeydew Farms, visit its website at

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