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Culture | 05.16.2022

Listen To 103 Minutes Of “Impeccable Vibes,” With Houseplant’s Vinyl Box Set

Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg curated three playlists to fit Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid sessions.

Most of us agree that music is an essential part of our sessions. But depending on the time and place, it can be hard finding songs to fit each vibe.

What if your favorite celebrity stoner created a set of playlists designed for each variety? That’s right, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Houseplant just dropped the “103 Minutes of Impeccable Vibes” Vinyl Box Set.

103 Minutes of Impeccable Vibes

Photo by Houseplant

Instead of hitting play on a Spotify or Apple Music playlist, give your ears a treat they’ll never forget.

Besides the company’s potent cannabis products, it has an entire home goods section with beautiful cannabis-centric decor pieces.

The new 103 Minutes of Impeccable Vibes Vinyl Box Set is the cherry on top.

And no, this isn’t a vinyl set with some wired USB attachment to play on your speakers. Instead, you will need a record player to hear these tunes.


Songs For Indica, Sativa, & Hybrid Sessions

Photo by Houseplant

When purchasing Houseplant‘s Vinyl Box Set, you’ll receive three LPs. One is labeled Indica Sessions, one is Sativa Sessions, and the other is Hybrid Sessions.

Yes, Rogen and Goldberg carefully curated these LPs to feature different playlists depending on your smoking variety and the mood you want for each session.

The Sativa songs are upbeat and lively. The Indica offers a more lowkey, groovy feel. The Hybrid is somewhere in between.

You don’t just have to play the Indica LP when you’re smoking an Indica strain, for example. Rogen and Goldberg wanted stoners to have the ultimate soundtrack for all sessions.

Ask yourself what mood you’d like to set, then choose the playlist with your desired tracks.

Houseplant‘s 103 Minutes of Impeccable Vibes Vinyl Box Set is honestly a dream come true.

The nights you were scrambling to find the next perfect song for your sessions are long gone, as Seth and Evan did it for you.

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