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Meet Caviar Gold, The Inventor Of Infused Cannabis

Caviar Gold products are the strongest of the strong. Smoke like legends and learn more about this fan-favorite brand.

From doctors and lawyers to salespeople and service workers, you can’t pin down a Caviar Gold fan.

These people from different walks of life might not agree on much but can agree that high-potency products are truly hard to come by in the modern industry.

While most brands refer to high-potency products as goods with 20-30% THC, Caviar Gold took it up a notch. It’s laughable that this range is often seen as the strongest possible THC range on the market, especially when Caviar Gold enters the equation.

B buckle up when you’re ready to experience cannabis products that test over 40% THC because Caviar Gold promises some heavy hitters.

About Caviar Gold

Caviar Gold has been putting smiles on people’s faces since launching over 13 years ago. Not only is it the inventor of infused cannabis, but it’s the only patented cannabis brand on Earth.

The brand’s motto is straightforward: “More THC, Less Air.” Instead of selling airy and loose buds that claim to be the strongest of the strong, Caviar Gold promises that its products are compact, potent, and loaded with THC. As mentioned, all its products range from 40-50% THC.

The brand’s consumers are vast, from lawyers and doctors to musicians and nurses. These consumers can all agree that Caviar Gold is the only source of the most potent weed in the game.

That said, Caviar Gold isn’t just for recreational consumers. Thanks to its unique patented formula, the brand invites everyone to find relief in its potent and tested products.

Clean, Strong, Infused Cannabis

“This ain’t your grandpa’s weed – but grandpa still might love it!” reads the brand’s website.

Clearly, these products are great for recreational users looking for a heavy hitter, and excellent for medical patients in need of strong, palpable relief.

Caviar Gold infuses its products with added THC and CBD to ensure users experience a satisfying and complete high. Although its products are wildly strong, they never contain:

  • Chemicals
  • Hormones
  • Pesticides

The brand is committed to only using the best natural ingredients in its products. The result is clean and evenly-burned flower that’ll send you to Mars.

Although other companies have attempted to imitate what Caviar Gold is doing, the brand has managed to remain America’s favorite cannabis brand for over a decade.

You can find Caviar Gold products in over 2000 dispensaries in the following states (and Canada shortly):

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Washington
  • Nevada
  • Michigan
  • Oklahoma

For more information about Caviar Gold, visit its website at

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