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Culture | 01.24.2023

Meet The Shatterizer, The Most Versatile Vaporizer On The Market

Looking to vape concentrates and your own 510 cartridges? The Shatterizer is for you.

How do you consume cannabis? While traditional smoking has been our go-to consumption method for decades, who’s to say we can’t switch it up? 

The introduction of state-of-the-art vaporizers has enabled the concentrate community to easily consume their precious oils in the most convenient, discreet, and safest way possible. 

Brands like Shatterizer are shattering expectations of what it means to consume concentrates. Whether you’re an e-nail expert or a rig lover, Shatterizer’s flagship device bestows the most versatile cannabis vaporizer on the market. 

Learn more about the brand below and their cutting-edge Shatterizer Vaporizer.

About Shatterizer

Shatterizer is more about 710 than 420, the unofficial holiday honoring cannabis concentrates or “oils.” The brand was founded by smokers and vapers who didn’t fit the average cannabis consumer image. 

For years, they saw the concentrate market go under-serviced, and now they strive to help concentrate lovers everywhere find a vape that’s worthwhile. Shatterizer also carries dry herb vaporizers from popular brands like PAX and Storz & Bickel, but their branded Shatterizer Vaporizer is perhaps every dabber’s dream. 

The brand understands that searching through bulky websites packed with different products can be overwhelming, so they created easy-browsing categories to help you get in, find your product, and check out effortlessly. 

Whether you’re new to the world of vaping or have been puffing like a pro for years, Shatterizer is the ultimate vaporizer brand whose flagship device promises perfect clouds every time.

Shattering Expectations

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Photo By Shatterizer

The Shatterizer vaporizer is shattering expectations of what a quality vaporizer should be. It was designed in Canada by an inventor and connoisseur with the user’s needs and wants in mind. From easy cleaning to puffy clouds and versatility, The Shatterizer has it all. 

It was engineered to deliver smooth inhales and exhales while bringing out the true intended flavor and aroma of your precious concentrate. The Shatterizer Starter Kit acts as a travel and storage box, coming with the following:

  • 1 Shatterizer Atomizer (Resin Cover Mouthpiece, Borosilicate Glass and Quartz Dual Coil and Cap, plus one additional QDC Coil)
  • 1 Shatterizer Lithium-Ion battery: 3 Stage Variable Voltage
  • 1 Magnetic Silicone Lined Wax Storage Container
  • 1 Micro USB Cord With Pass Thru technology
  • 1 Dab Tool

The battery life on this bad boy can run for 40 hours, and the 3-stage variable voltage lithium-ion battery with 1100 mAh lasts for over 70 hits and takes three hours to charge. See below for The Shatterizer’s 3 pre-set temperature settings:

  • RED (Low) = 3.5 V = 16 Watt
  • BLUE (Medium) = 3.8 V = 19 Watt
  • WHITE (High) = 4.2 V = 23.5 Watt

Last but certainly not least, The Shatterizer is compatible with all 510-threaded vape cartridges. Simply unscrew the atomizer base, twist in your cartridge, and get to puffing! Talk about vaporizer versatility. 

For more products and information about Shatterizer, visit their website at shatterizer.ca.

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