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The Best Products To Celebrate 710

Much like 420, you’ll see plenty of discounts and other promos to benefit from. While we’re not talking promos here, we do bring you those brands and oil products you should be looking into before this year's 710 holiday.

If you’ve ever met up with your homies to celebrate 420, then chances are you’ve done the same for 710. And if you haven’t even heard about 710, then it’s definitely time you did. 

The origins of 710 are much less mysterious than that of 420, much more straightforward, and absolutely contemporary of the times we live in. The story is simple, you flip 710 upside down and you get OIL. Which is what many of us have switched to nowadays.

When was it that the term was taken by the cannabis community? Nobody really knows, but what we do know is that we’ve adapted it to yet another holiday. July 10th is a 420 for those of us who weren’t able to celebrate it on time.

Much like 420, you’ll see plenty of discounts and other promos to benefit from. While we’re not talking promos here, we do bring you those brands and oil products you should be looking into before 2021’s 710.

Papa’s Select Living Extracts

Photo courtesy of Papa’s Select

Papa’s Select works with more than 40 Emerald Triangle farms that allow them to bring the entire region’s cannabis profiles directly to your rig. They test and try every single strain at multiple locations and under diverse growing practices that have helped them put their finger on a process that results in top-notch cannabis extracts.

On top of working hand-in-hand with their farm partners, Papa’s Select crafts its ice water hash and artisanal rosin completely by hand with a solventless process to deliver the purest expression of the plant.

Caldera Extracts

Photo courtesy of Caldera Extracts

Caldera Extracts is all about giving their customers the fullest potential of the cannabis plant by delivering concentrates that bring nothing but the highest purity to bangers and vaporizers.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke Caldera Extract products. In fact, their resin-infused pre-rolls are some of our favorite smoking products. The Live Resin PAX Era pods are products made hand-in-hand with one of the leading vaporizer brands in the world, and the Lava Diamonds and Magma Sauce Extracts are simply the cream of the crop when it comes to concentrates.


Photo courtesy of CLSICS

If we’re talking concentrates and extracts, then we have to mention CLSICS. Simply one of the best brands in the market and one of the only brands that really seems to care about innovation. 

We say this on account of their top-of-the-line live rosin extract. A completely solventless concentrate made using only ice, water, heat, and pressure, nothing more nothing less. CLSICS Live Rosin is a terpenoid-fueled full spectrum experience produced by cannabis experts.

Even the CLSICS pre-rolls have live rosin extract infused into a handcrafted joint made with incredibly high-quality flower and extract.

Stiiizy Dabbing Kit

Photo courtesy of STIIIZY

Stiiizy has stepped up their game in the past few years so much that they’ve become one of the main vape solution providers in the game today. They offer a line of premium cannabis products that sets the standard for portability and convenience. Through their proprietary pod vaporizing system Stiiizy has made a name for themselves in a way that has rendered them a cult-like following.

On top of it all, since launching as a vape brand, Stiiizy has expanded its product line to include flower, extracts, and edibles. In other words, you can have it all when it comes to Stiiizy.

This year, they have released a limited edition dab kit with all the essentials you need to have a proper dabbing session. This one-time release combo comes with a dab mat, a dab tool, silicone jars, and cotton swabs all enclosed in a stylish carrying case.


Photo courtesy of XVAPE

At XVAPE you can expect to find everything you need in terms of cannabis oil vaporizing. Innovative vaporizing accessories that vary from the portable to the coffee table centerpiece types that will make your house look great while still remaining functional.

From the sleek and portable Cricket+ pen to the mighty Vista Mini 2 electronic dab rig, this brand has a complete portfolio of vapes designed to satisfy your every dabbing need.

Delta Effex Pearls

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

When Delta 8 THC first made it to the public eye, Delta Effex was one of the first brands to take over that market space. But they are not only one of the first to make it there, but they are also one of the best to do so. 

Delta Effex D8 Pearls are made with THC buds and then super-charged with terpenes, resulting in a potent yet surprisingly smooth concentrate. The infusion process ensures that the terpenes and other cannabinoids stay intact, giving these pearls a delicious and fragrant taste and a mild and euphoric buzz.

Urb Delta 8 THC Dabs

Photo courtesy of Urb

Urb’s concentrates come in different strain-specific options including Watermelon Zkittlez, Banana Runtz, and Maui Wowie. With each dab, you can expect up to 80% D8 THC, a touch of CBN, CBD, and plenty more cannabis-derived components that add flavor and functionality to the final product.

Urb has been known for being one of the best Delta 8 THC brands in the game and with these 1 gram dab concentrates they will keep you happy for longer than your stoner mindset might think.

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