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Stonerpedia: What Is 710?

Just like 4/20, this day is like Christmas for those of us who love weed. Learn more about 710 and the best products to enjoy this day.

If you’ve ever met up with your homies to celebrate 420, then chances are you’ve done the same for 710. And if you haven’t even heard about 710, then it’s definitely time you did. 

The origins of 710 are much less mysterious than that of 420, much more straightforward, and absolutely contemporary of the times we live in. The story is simple, you flip 710 upside down and you get OIL. Which is what many of us have switched to nowadays.

When was it that the term was taken by the cannabis community? Nobody really knows, but what we do know is that we’ve adapted it to yet another holiday. July 10th is 420 for those of us who weren’t able to celebrate on time.


What Is 710?

710 refers to July 10, just as the 4/20 refers to April 20. This date is a celebration date, just as 4/20 is the time to light up a joint, 710 is the time to dab. 

It is considered a “stoner” holiday to consume cannabis oil products, dabs, or concentrates. The holiday takes place on July 10, hence the name 710. However, it is also known as the Dab Day or Oil Day.

The term 710 has grown to have a loyal following and become a cultural symbol, representing not only dabs and cannabis oil, but also gatherings of 710 friends and lifestyle brands.

This community has been boosted by social media, especially Instagram, where it is possible to connect with like-minded 710 people, brands, and communities thanks to the hashtags, especially #710 #710society, #spOILed, #710life, #dablife. 

Check them out and join the 710 community.

Why Is It Called 710?

Photo by Keti Chikhladze

Don’t think that the origin of 710 is from a magical or mystical source. On the contrary, the celebration of 710 arises from a quite simple explanation. 

710 is the number that is associated with cannabis oils and extracts for the simple reason that if you turn the number around, it looks a lot like the word “OIL.” (You can flip your screen, we won’t judge).

Unlike the 4/20 party and celebrations, the 710 party is a recent phenomenon with vague origins. 

What Is Dabbing?

To better understand 710, you need to understand what dabbing is. 

Dabbing is a modern form of cannabis consumption. It usually uses a small portion of vaporized cannabis extract on an ultra-hot surface to maximize the amount of cannabis used and provide a stronger and faster effect.

Dabbing as it has its fans also has its detractors, and is that by using a blowtorch in most cases can be seen as something negative or extreme.

However, the biggest advantage of dabbing is that the effect is much cleaner and stronger than a joint or a vaporizer, in addition, because of the way the products are made, you can enjoy even more of the full range of flavors.

Where Is 710 Celebrated?

Photo by Keti Chikhladze

Many events and organizations celebrate the holiday in states where cannabis is legal. It’s just a matter of looking to see if your state will be holding any 710 events that usually attract connoisseurs of concentrates willing to celebrate Dab Day.

While no one event stands out as the definitive 710 celebration yet, several events and organizations celebrate the holiday in cannabis-friendly states.

But come on, the party spirit runs deep, and to celebrate 710, all you need is yourself, some cannabis products, and, if you want, your friends. So read on, we will tell you our recommended products for this date.

Keep in mind that being consistent with numerology it is ideal that you do it at 7:10 am or 7:10 pm, to keep the spirit of 710. We think 7:10 pm is better, but who are we to judge.

710 What It's Really About

The 710 celebration goes beyond just consuming cannabis. It is something specific and focused on the consumption of concentrates, which include Shatter, Crumble, Wax, and Oil.

This is because concentrates have not been on the market because they have been considered illegal for a long time, and for a few years now, we have been able to enjoy this form of consuming weed, although there are only a few states where it is currently legal, a struggle that continues.

While “4/20 Friendly” generally means “weed-friendly,” something that is “710 Friendly” signals a specific welcome to the community of concentrates within the cannabis culture.

Pssst: Don’t worry if you don’t want to consume concentrates but still want to celebrate 710, there are hundreds of different products from which you can choose your favorite and still celebrate.

Popular Ways To Celebrate 710

Photo by Keti Chikhladze

If you want to celebrate 710 in style, you can do it with different types of concentrates, dabs, or oils. Even if you feel that dabbing is too advanced or not for you, join the celebration with the product you like and feel comfortable with. 

The great thing about the cannabis world is that there are no set rules. So enjoy the experience and join the party. 

There are other ways you can celebrate this day. Here are some ideas:

  • Look for 710 events in your area
  • Try a new concentrate or product
  • Watch a stoner movie – If you are looking for inspiration, we recommend Movies & Munchies 
  • Tell your friends about the celebration
  • Make a cannabis recipe

What Do You Need To Celebrate 710?

Well, the first thing is attitude. If you have the desire and motivation to celebrate 710 you are halfway there.

The products you consume to celebrate this date will make or break your experience, and what we want is fun. That is why it is important to buy your products from reliable companies.

Here we tell you our recommended products, and no, they are not just concentrates. The world of cannabis is as wide as it is broad and here we all fit!

Do not miss these recommended products, from cartridges to concentrates and devices to celebrate properly!


Photo by Binoid

If you’re looking for potency this 710 we recommend Binoid’s THC-P Wax Dabs

These amazing THC-P wax dabs have 1 gram of premium distilled THC-P wax concentrate in a variety of different terpene strains, available in three mouthwatering flavors. An undoubtedly powerful product to celebrate this 710 in a big way.


Photo by PAX

It’s the celebration of 710 and PAX took it very seriously. They are offering a 20% discount on the entire 710 sitewide sale.

The Era Life is a device that features instant removal and a rechargeable battery that is reliable, not disposable. With a compact design and a discreet profile, the Era Life provides both discretion and portability. Simply pop in a capsule and go.

PAX Diamonds represent the purest form of THC, the plant’s most celebrated cannabinoid. Purified from California flower and free of non-cannabis additives, each cultivar boasts 95%+ THC for a naturally potent experience. If you want to kick it up a notch this 710, this is your cue. 

Botany Farms

Photo by Botany Farms

Do you know what other product is perfect for celebrating 710 if you don’t want to dab? Tinctures! Yes, they are a perfect choice for celebrating. They are potent and discreet. 

They’re also great for baking, in case you’re interested in some delicious brownies with some magic. Botany Farms tinctures are made with live resin through a unique extraction method that keeps the full spectrum of cannabinoids and flavors intact. 

Available in a balanced tincture with all the benefits of CBD and the light buzz of Delta 8. Or in its Live Resin THC + CBD version.

For those looking for a high THC product to unlock their creative flow without drowsiness, we recommend the Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge

At Botany Farms, you can also find Vape Cartridges with different cannabinoids, such as the Delta 8 Vape Cartridge, HHC Vape CartridgeDelta 8 Live Resin Vape Cartridge, and CBG Vape Cartridge. A number of options for you to choose your favorite for this 710. Remember that each cannabinoid has its own particular effects and potency and that your experience will depend on it.


Photo by DazeD8

DazeD8 has a wide portfolio of amazing products for this 710. They are even so confident in their products that they are giving away 1 gram vapes for you to try. Yes, you’re reading that right, free!

DazeD8 disposables and cartridges feature lab-tested high purity distillate, along with the latest ceramic core technology that delivers the smoothest hits with the milkiest clouds.

Plus, they are single-sourced, so they extract their hemp and formulate their flavors in-house. 

View Product

Flying Monkey

Photo by Megan Forbes

HHC is a fast-acting cannabinoid that will give you a smooth high. Its effects are uplifting and energetic, perfect for celebrating 710 at any time of the day.

Flying Monkey’s products focus on terpene profiles combined with specific cannabinoids so you can expect to feel exactly the same effects every time.

To celebrate the 710 you can do it your way. Other Flying Monkey products carefully crafted with HHC include the 1 gram Disposable The Go To and 1 gram Cartridge The Original, absolutely delicious and powerful.

Choose the one you like the most (or all of them, who are we to judge) and have fun this 710.

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Photo by DIMO

If you want to follow the tradition of 710, there is nothing better than to do it with the Premium Delta 8 Rocket Fuel- Mimosa Distillate by DIMO. Its strong citrus flavor will remind you of ripe and juicy oranges. 

You can expect to feel happy and balanced, perfect to start the day of celebration encouraged, and motivated enough to face any mundane task. Available in four sizes: 1g, 3g, 14g, and 28g.

We also recommend the Looper Melted Series Vape Cartridge: Skywalker. An indica strain with flavors and tones that resemble tobacco, wood, and nuts. A bomb for the senses by mixing three potent cannabinoids THC-O+HHC+THC-P. Taste and sensations at the highest level. 

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Old Pal

Photo by Old Pal

The classic Old Pal quality cannabis distillate in a convenient and safe 510 oil cartridge. These delicious vape cartridges are available in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid versions.  

They also meet all industry standards for extraction. Available in 9 different flavors, plenty of options for this 710!

Delta Extrax

Photo by Delta Extrax

It’s time to celebrate Dab Day with 40% off Pineapple Express Pearls concentrate from Delta Extrax. 

This Delta 8 concentrate features a fantastic terpene profile, making it a balanced hybrid strain with a solid fresh, and funky pineapple flavor. You can expect to feel the effects of the famous Pineapple Express strain with overpowering citrus notes while maintaining a creative and focused high throughout the day. Perfect for celebrating this 710, and with a discount, all the better!

Use code DAB40 to get 40% off these Pineapple Express Pearls concentrates from Delta Extrax. 

G Pen

Photo by G Pen

Introducing the G Pen Roam, an all-in-one portable vaporizer intuitively designed to provide vaporization of water-filtered concentrates on the go, ideal if you have plans this 710.

The G Pen Roam has a varied temperature range from 400° to 800°+F (204° – 427°+C). It also heats up within seconds after activation to deliver smooth, flavorful puffs with ease.

The G Pen Roam adapts to each user’s taste and heat preferences through digital temperature control and LED display. 

Want to be completely covered this 710? The complete G Pen Roam kit comes standard inside a hemp travel case, with room for two bottles of concentrates and an accessory pocket that includes a micro USB charging cable and a G Pen tool for charging concentrates.

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Photo by inheal

inheal disposables come in a variety of delicious and exotic flavors: Sunset Mintz, Cheetah Piss, Gummies, and many more.

Quality is evident in each of inheal’s products. Their disposables feature ceramic cores and extreme longevity to ensure a long-lasting experience.

The live resin concentrate they contain comes from the most exclusive strains and their production is limited to small, specialized batches. 

Each vape pen contains 1 gram of novel premium live resin cannabinoid (Delta 8, THCP, THC O, or HHC) and blends terpenes with distillate for maximum relaxation. 

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High Five

Photo by High Five

The High Five DUO is a revolutionary dual-purpose vaporizer for both concentrates and flower/herbs, ideal for this 710 in case you want to keep your options open. 

The DUO has separate heating systems specifically dedicated for each type of material, convection for flowers/herbs, and conduction for concentrates. It’s everything you’re looking for to elevate the experience in one device.

The DUO is perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike. It is made for those who want to experience superior performance and maximum efficiency with any and all types of concentrates, CBD, and flowers. The power and performance of a desktop vaporizer anytime, anywhere in the palm of your hand.

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Galaxy Treats

Photo by Galaxy Treats

To celebrate 710 in style, it is not strictly necessary to do it with concentrates, if you want a powerful experience, let us introduce you to the Galaxy Treats Vape Carts

These Vape Carts are derived from hemp and are available in 3 different cannabinoid blends: 

  • Delta 8: Cosmic Cherry, Pineapple Eclipse
  • THC-O: Gravity Melon, Orbital Peach
  • Knockout (D8, D10, THCO, HHC): Galactic Grape, Planet Blue. 

All strains are tailor-made to offer the best possible taste experience. They are made by combining the base cannabinoids with a proprietary blend of fruit terpenes. A perfect taste and high experience for 710.


Plain Jane

Photo by Plain Jane

Continuing with the recommendations of different ways to celebrate this 710 we recommend the Blue Dream CBD Cartridge by Plain Jane.

Being a CBD cartridge you can experience instant relaxation as well as the terpene profile of the Blue Dream hemp flower, without getting intoxicated, as it only contains 0.010% THC. 

This hybrid strain originated in sunny California by crossing Blueberry with Haze. This iconic cannabis strain is infused with herbal, pine, and peppery notes, offering an aromatic and very herbal taste.

It is an extraordinary and therapeutic variety whose mild effects make it ideal for first-time users. You have no excuse to miss the celebration!

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Hamilton Devices

Photo by Hamilton Devices

Want to see the stars tonight? If so, hop aboard the Hamilton Devices Starship for the most incredible high you’ve ever experienced in this 710. 

The Starship is a triple vape cartridge, yes triple! It is also a pretty powerful concentrate bubbler. It also comes with a bong attachment for bong lovers. Ideal for getting cooler and smoother puffs by providing extra filtration. 

This battery can draw from all wax carts or coils simultaneously as it allows the use of a triple cartridge. The triple feature will enable you to mix three flavors or one wax coil for an extremely potent vape experience. 

It is a true all-in-one device.

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Photo by DabTech

Want a dab rig that gives it all on the 7/0? Well, hold on because the DabTech Duvo is everything your stoner heart dreamed of for this day. 

With a focus on ultra-portability and customization, the Dabtech Duvo is the culmination of precision and quality in a compact dab rig. 

Designed with three atomizers, including a triple titanium coil, it produces massive clouds while giving you total control over the temperature so you can experience your dabs your way. As it should be.

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A brand that will be your ally this 710 is STORZ & BICKEL. With their different devices, they have revolutionized the market. These state-of-the-art devices have different functionalities perfect for the celebration. 

Their flagship product is the Volcano Classic. Robust design and high-quality materials for extraordinary smokes. Looking for more portability? STORZ & BICKEL also have you covered with the Mighty+ and Crafty+

View Product

Final Thoughts

You already know a little about this celebration that follows in the footsteps of the famous 4/20. It is a special date to celebrate, relax, get together with friends or have an excuse to try new products.

If you are one of those who enjoy dabbing and different types of concentrates, happy Dab Day to you! We hope you enjoy your dabs and the product recommendations we’ve given you.

For those who celebrate with different products, that’s okay! It’s a celebration, and in the cannabis world, we all fit, so happy 710 to you too!

We hope you’ll try some of the products we’ve recommended. All are made with high-quality ingredients and by companies that are responsible to their customers.

Whatever you end up doing, we hope you have a safe and fun 710!

Herb Recommended Products:

Featured Brands:

Herb Recommended Products:


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