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Culture | 01.23.2023

Mill Your Flower With The Flower Mill And Never Pick Up A Grinder Again

Don't grind your herb—mill it.

What’s your grinder like? There are quite literally thousands of grinders on the market. Naturally, choosing one that’s better than the rest is in your best interest. 

With so many grinders that do the same thing, finding one you can be proud of is challenging. That is until the Flower Mill entered the market. This innovative grinder, or should I say miller, from Flower Mill is changing the game for stoners everywhere.

Learn more about Flower Mill and their premium handheld Flower Mills below. 

About Flower Mill

Flower Mill comprises a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators who joined forces to solve problems within the cannabis community and create products that bring joy to consumers. Their Premium Edition Flower Mill is a prime example. 

The brand is at the forefront of grinding technology, showcasing their understanding of the damage that actual grinding and shredding can do to our flower. 

Instead, Flower Mill emphasizes the importance of crumbing your herb where it naturally wants to break apart. Thus, the Flower Mill was born, a grinder that’s not really a grinder but delivers a uniform fluffy flower that’s ready to be smoked.


This is the motto lived by the team at Flower Mill. They firmly believe that our flower deserves better, and breaking/shredding it doesn’t bring out the true intended flavor, aroma, and potency of your herb. 

Stop pulverizing your flower and start milling it with the Premium Edition Flower Mill. This grinder is the brand’s hottest product, and it features a patented design to roll herb across the screen, which gradually crumbles it without excess shredding and force. The result is a fluffy, soft, and aromatic herb. 

The inner rotor was designed to naturally break down your flower to its appropriate size while sifting through the milling screen, ensuring it’s milled evenly. Plus, because the Flower Mill has no teeth, there’s more room to process herbs than a traditional 2.5″ grinder. 

Using the Flower Mill is almost effortless. All it needs is one quarter-turn for the lower catch to unthread, and the magnetic closure makes it easy to work with. Because all pieces can be fully disassembled, cleaning and accessing every nook and cranny is easier than ever. 

Are you ready to step up your grinding game for good? For more products and information about Flower Mill, visit their website at

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